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  • laura perry - 50/50

    The shampoo is a good cleanser strong natural organic scent which is nice to some. The drops were not the correct ones i wanted to get Herbagrow. the conditioning mask is ok. Not my favorite mask but it comes in a huge tub.

  • Steve - Prime Is A Great Product

    I have been using Prime water conditioner for about one year for my freshwater aquariums and I am very satisfied with the results. I use it in conjunction with Purigen and Matrix and I find that the water in all the tanks stays crystal clear and within proper levels for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. I do 25% water changes weekly and add liquid calcium as needed to keep the PH level between 7.5-8 for snails.

  • Casey Gay - Sharp

    Great knife. Typical Leatherman quality and a blade so sharp you can actually cut your mortal soul if you're not careful with it. It's a little larger than I thought it would be, so it's more of a jeans knife...kinda bulky for work/dress pants.

  • Harold Melton - Works, good app if you need it

    I don't normally use m$ office products, but needed this to upgrade some .mdb files to .accdb format, for some .asp web sites I have that were using .mdb databases and the hosting company upgraded to Server 2010, that doesn't support the JET driver and mdb (unless they install it, and they didn't). Access installed and worked fine for that, with some fiddling, and now I don't need it any more.

  • F. Patton - Works for me, but in regard to function, I did not need an update!

    Here is my experience with Quicken Premier 2014 (from Quicken Premier 2011); followed by a perspective of how I use Quicken Premier to manage my finances and investments as that perspective might provide some insight as to why experiences are different among us. I purchased and downloaded on March 24, 2014. I have been a Quicken user since 1988.

  • Daniel Lovitt - Horrible!!!

    Bought this a while back and my computer started slowing down. Threw the computer in the closet until a day or so ago because I also have a desktop. Had went back to try it out and started removing programs I don't use defrag it etc. did some research on noton 2013 and apparently it's been know to slow the computer down. So I go and remove it and.... Vuala it's running like new. Worst investment of my life. Please people, save your money

  • James P. - Satisfied customer great anti virus program

    I really like this software it is not invasive like mcafee anti virus program it was always popping up and it would update windows I do that check when I start my computer I want to see what is being installed and the optional updates I don't use skype and don't need it on my computer along with some other programs. It runs in the background don't even know it is there unless you visit a page that has spyware or viruses it will stop them from downloading anything to your computer. My daughter had viruses on her computer and I installed this program and it got rid of the problems overall I'm really satisfied at this point. I will buy this program again if they don't drive me nuts that it is about to expire or that it has expired. I used to have trend micro but that was the problem with them and I won't buy their software again.