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  • madmuttz - Better than Toppik

    I am hypothyroid and have been slowing thinning for years. Rograine can only do so much so I went in search of something to help mask the thinning. I tried Toppik and Great Hair Day first. They worked okay when I waas coloring my hair a dark auburn but when I went back to my natural blonde hair color, both were obvious. I then saw the caboki add online and got their free sample. I am very happy with the product! It is light and less goopy than Toppik and, in my case, covers better.

  • Debbie Johnson - Fresh and delicious healthy snacking

    I have been trying to get away from unhealthy snacking and when I saw this giant bottle of Pace chunky salsa I had to have it. I have always liked Pace on my tacos and my Mexican food, but I have found it is really delicious just to eat with tortilla chips or even vegetable sticks. It feels good to eat a snack that you know is actually good for you, but most of all it tastes really good too. this has a really good price on it also, since you buy a larger package. I have found that it will even freeze well, if it is just a little to large of a size for you. This is a medium hot , it is warm but not really hot, just perfect in my book for eating plain.

  • V. Scarpellini - Everyone should read this book!

    I could not put this book down. I am into good health and was so excited to find that I totally agree with Shane Ellison on everything, including good and bad oils, which is a big controversy with modern health professionals. I learned so much about our bodies and how everything works in words that I could understand. I simply love the book and keep it as a reference. I don't remember everything I read. I have mine all marked up.