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  • Stacy - Horrible, waste of money and time!

    We used this product less than a year ago, it is peeling off in sheets, our decks look even worse now. Total waste of money! We followed directions to the letter. If anyone would like pictures please contact me at [email protected]. Do not waste time or money on this product!

  • Justin Dupree - she went from screaming after every meal to happy and content within a day or two

    Saved us from what was clearly going to be a miserable, colicky baby. Whether it was a milk protein allergy or what, she went from screaming after every meal to happy and content within a day or two. Highly recommended if your baby screams his or her head off every time she eats (or shortly thereafter).

  • Amazon Customer - Like everyone else

    Like everyone else, I was contemplating buying either this ball, and the molten flistatec one. Since many of our men's volleyball players had the Flistatec one, and I was still on the fence between the two, I thought I'd add a bit more diversity into the ball choices.

  • I love my Gazelle! - I love my Gazelle!

    The machine is fun to use and very quiet (which is important in my little apartment). Movements feel very fluid and natural, yet it gives the body a surprisingly good workout. I can really feel it in my arms, legs, and sides. I chose the Edge Glider because of cost and portability. It doesn't have pistons for added resistance like some other models, but I was just looking for something that could induce walking/running motion. For more of a workout, I just run faster or longer, or use a longer stride. And I like the fact that I can fold the unit up and stash it behind a door or in a closet when company arrives. It is rather cumbersome to move, though, so I usually keep it out where I'm encouraged to use it regularly. All in all, a good deal for a useful and sturdy machine. I'm very happy with the purchase.

  • Cameron - Amazing product

    I received my MYNT Smart Tracker a few days ago and I have already learned how to work all of the functions. It has lots of features that are easy to use and understand. It sounds an alarm to remind me to take my wallet and smartphone with me and makes it easy to find them too. I would highly recommend this to anyone who misplaces things or just enjoys a good quality gadget that also looks the part. It was delivered quickly and is exceptional value for money. Would highly recommend to others, regardless of your technical abilities. If I can use it easily, anyone.

  • yasnas - great app for keeping prayer time

    i like the muslim pro app because it tells me the prayer time when their is no mosque around. It tells me the no matter where i am in the world. it also tells me where the qibla is when i am somewhere new and dont know where to pray. and if you want to study quran it tells you how to pronounce them in english which i love because i cant read arabic very well. the only bad part is if i dont open the app in a couple of weeks it stops athaning for me. it does not have full athan. but i think the full version has the full athan. all in all i love this app and its features.