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  • Jasmine R. - It's easy to prime and is not much larger and bulkier ...

    Now, this blaster is basically a Jolt, which means about 30 feet flat and up to 50 feet angled, which is very impressive. It's easy to prime and is not much larger and bulkier than a Jolt, so it'll still fit in a medium-sized pocket. It's not very accurate, but then again, neither is the Jolt, and to reiterate, this is basically a Jolt. But with the ability to fire three darts in a row, meaning prime, fire, prime, fire, prime, fire, not prime, fire fire fire, or prime, fire a rain of darts, this is a pretty cool gun. If you liked the Jolt, you'll love this. But my main gripe is that the trigger takes quite a bit of force to pull, unlike the Longstrike, which had probably the easiest firing trigger ever on a Nerf gun. But the Triad's trigger takes a disturbing amount of force to pull, and thus is a bit uncomfortable for puny people like me. Also, the sound when the trigger is pulled is very loud and clunky-sounding, which to me is odd, because this isn't a shotgun-style blaster; it's doing the exact same thing as a Jolt, and thus should sound like a Jolt. But it doesn't. Also, my Triad was predominantly white, not blue, which is a bummer, because I personally liked the blue better.

  • Michael - I cannot recommend it. One should look to a more recent ...

    I probably would have rated this book much higher 15 years ago, but the book is practically archaic. Despite the 2010 publication date on Amazon, the book's intro was written in 1997, the same year as the latest scientific reference found therein.

  • Theresa Kendall - Sadly, it didn't meet my expections

    I've owned my Bissell Steam and Sweep for two weeks now. Prior to buying, I read as many online reviews as I could find - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Keeping the more damning reviews in mind, I decided to give the gizmo a try anyway. I used it on hardwood, tile, and linoleum. Quite honestly, it's not a terrible machine, it just, in my opinion, does not meet the manufacture's claims that you can "sweep and steam in one pass". I found that the anemic vacuum suction was just not adequate to suck up much more than the lightest weight material. When using the sweep and steam features simultaneously, any debris that didn't get sucked up, sat on the floor in soggy clumps, mocking the whole floor cleaning process. However, in the Steam and Sweep's defense, I felt that the steam cleaning feature heated up quickly and did a good job(albiet, leaving more water on the hardwood than I was comfortable with), the machine was very easy to put together and very easy to use.

  • IslandSandy - Time will tell but I really like this product.

    I have had nail fungus under three toenails since I was a young child. I have tried many products both prescription (Lamisil and Penlac) and over the counter and none have made any difference. I work at a drug store and have tried virtually every product we sell and they have made no difference. I have tried all the home remedies such as soaking in vinegar, vaseline, tea tree oil, etc. The vinegar and tea tree oil have done more than anything else. When I saw this I thought it was economical and I would try it to see.

  • misrael - This is a great way to give you the added boost of energy ...

    The energy stir sticks arrived quickly in the mail it was very well packaged so no damage happened to the sticks. This is a great way to give you the added boost of energy that you would need to complete workouts or just the daily chores that we all have. This is what they call a clean caffeine and I guess it's just because it's a natural caffeine that has vitamins in it. The company states that it's equal to a tall coffee which for me I would have no idea with that because I do not drink coffee. But what I do know is that after using the caffeine stack I do have more energy and I am also more alert. The key thing with these that I like instead of other energy supplements that I have used in the past is that I do not get the jitters from using it and also when the energy is wearing off I did not feel like I was crashing or super tired nothing like that. I like the fact that these are what I would consider portable you can keep them in your purse so if you're going out to lunch you can use it in your water also it's no calories to it so you don't have to worry about packing on the pounds with this hopefully for you I'll give you extra energy so we can do more workouts to get rid of the extra pounds that I have.