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  • Amazon Customer - Great for at home skin care.

    If you're like my wife, she complains about any blemish she gets and hates popping them. She usually asks me to help her but then complains like crazy about it hurting when I dig out a black head or zit. when I saw this I thought it would be a fun little joke gift to get her and watch her give me a dirty look when she opened it. well mission accomplished, I got a look that would have made ice cubes feel hot. but the funny thing was within a few days I would walk into the bathroom and find her with the kit out and attacking her skin with it like crazy. She says they are great and she loves them so much. There's a tool for every kind of blemish. And we use them all. It's mostly painless unless there is one that's under the skin... then you're out of luck.

  • Raymond P. Almer - Casino Guide

    This is a really good book for anyone planning a trip to a casino, especially if you're going to Vegas. It has a lot of good tips on proper bets to make and a lot of coupons that if used will pay for the book.

  • C Eastman - REALLY ?? Truth in advertising - NOT!!

    Oro Gold Deep Peel, 2-OUNCE - REALLY ?? try 1.69 ounces!! My last container was 1.79 (53ml) - this one is 1.69 (50ml) ....

  • Stephanie Gallegos - Unsure of benefit

    I have taken this for two weeks and have felt some slight improvement in my abdominal area, but have not seen any weight loss although I'm taking the 6 pills daily. It may be my metabolism or not...just not sure.

  • Mr. Ma Halliday - Really useful when you've done no homework before the trip!

    We used this to help us navigate around Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. Generally, it was really useful in helping us identify key sights in cities didn't know all that much about before we got there. The restaurant sections are a bit weaker though, so maybe refer to Trip Advisor for food, but the for maps, sights and shops, it was great.