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  • WiseFeline99 - Great value for a necessary side-kick

    Very good value for an almost essential portion of a nootropic stack. I personally bought this supplement to pair with my piracetam capsules to test out the synergy they were all talking about, and to minimize the headaches I was beginning to notice. I'm not sure you'd notice anything taken on its own - it's merely backup, a loyal side-kick, at least for me. Recommended as an affordable source of racetam support.

  • Christine R - Use non-chlorinated cold water, then add flavor...lost 6lbs in 5days

    I have a water filter that removes chlorine which is imperative unless you want to buy bottled water the rest of the plan. You MUST not mix with chlorinated water or it destroys the enzymes. I skipped the fast and started with phase two, shakes for breakfast and dinner and a sensible lunch. Lunches for me have been chicken or fish and a veggie or small fruit side. I even had Mexican once (one taco, one enchilada, and rice) and a southwestern grilled chicken McDonald's salad and still lost. I had store bought organic broth and V8 juices in between meals as suggested. I drink a hot cocoa with some soy milk every night so far. I am doing the same exercises I did before, yoga and cycling, nothing too strenuous or new. I use flaxseed capsules and don't add oil directly to my shake. I never use a blender . This has been so easy. I also use a 1/3 cup of the powder ...I think it's 5 tbsps. I am only 5'4" and that holds me 3-4 hours. I think the trick for me has been using Stevia...the sweetener makes it easy to sip down with a straw, along with cinnamon. I am now hopeful I can see this through to get 20 more lbs of old baby weight off! I started eating more today because I don't want to lose too fast. I am drinking a ton of fluids like fruit tea and green tea with Stevia or mineral water. I did have some changes in bathroom habits...but that is the cleansing nature of this product. I take a multivitamin and a probiotic daily. Give this a try, you may be surprised like me. The price goes down the more you buy. I was dedicated to a 6 week trial and got 6 cans for 130 dollars. Also, I read the Almased forums for nutritional guidance - there is a nutritionist to help you.

  • Tammy Sincavage - Excellent Product!

    I have used this in the past & liked it. It worked very well & I like that it is natural. I just started using it again; I'm happy I found it for a good price! This cream works! I highly recommend it.

  • ghaniawala - Works just like i need it to

    Works as intended. Fits snugly. Can come off in high wind so useful to use the buckle strap (which is a bit of a pain to get on). Get's the job done and keeps my car protected!

  • Gybbster - Cheap Fix

    I know a number of reviewers did not have a good experience with Bar's Leaks 1111 Head Gasket Fix. I had what appeared to be a small head gasket leak on a 2000 Subaru Outback. My car would start heating up and revving the engine would bring the temp back down, so it looked like gases getting into the coolant from the engine. I was also losing antifreeze. I used the product as described without removing the antifreeze. After adding the product I idled the car for about 30 minutes with no threat of overheating. I drove the car the next morning for my regular commute with no overheating. I have now been driving the car for a week with none of the symptoms I had before. My car heater still works great. So far so good. If this will get me another year out of a car that already as 250,000 miles on it I will be happy.