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  • amoreno - ... lost 5 lbs working out 5days at week works great i highly

    I bought these pills at gnc 1st week did not see results but 2nd week wuuuuaa lost 5 lbs working out 5days at week works great i highly recommended

  • Marlin T. Carlson - Great convertible chair for the kiddo!

    Our son is safe and sound ... and fits in it!!! This was a great deal for the price! We know where to get our 2nd one for #2!!!

  • TinaW - Eclipsed all other guidebooks

    My large family all met in Italy this summer for a reunion trip. Each family unit brought its own book for guidance. By the third day, everyone was borrowing my copy of this book! I thought that since this is a general 'Italy' guidebook, it wouldn't be as detailed as, say, a guidebook specific to each major city or region. I was pleasantly surprised with how much info was actually included. It was enough for me! Will definitely use this book series for future trips.

  • david goldberg - Absolutely love this stuff

    Absolutely love this stuff. Haven't even finished the first bottle and my concentrations is up, I am in a better mood, and my pesky shoulder pain is all but gone. Customer for life!

  • Ronnievee - The

    She never seen to amaze me..everybody that she write is great I could truly said that she is my favorite author..this book was great just like all the rest miss Nicole never disappoint me..great job as always❤️❤️