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  • IslandDave - Excellent Hybrid Road Bike

    I recently bought the 2012, Fuji Absolute 4.0 but then traded up for the Absolute 3.0 since a friend wanted a 4.0 having seen mine and when we went back to the shop they only had the Absolute 3.0. He's now happy with the 4.0 and I paid a little extra for the 3.0.

  • Devyn Running - This year's edition has far fewer valuable coupons than previous ...

    This year's edition has far fewer valuable coupons than previous editions. It is probably not worth the money for most Las Vegas vacationers.

  • Lindsay Donaghe - Best mousepad I've ever owned.

    I love this mousepad. It's very comfortable. The downward slope is at the perfect angle. The foam is just the right height to keep my wrist straighter but give enough support that I don't get "hot spots" on the heel of my wrist after using it a while. And I love that there is no separation between the "wrist rest" part of the mousepad and the rest of it so I'm not constantly doing the "scroll, pickup, scroll, pickup" thing. You won't regret getting one of these!

  • Andrea Shegrud - Don't Buy

    Way to many problems with this program. It is always shutting off and only occasionally burns movies. Way more of a headache than it is worth. Spend your hard earned movie on a more reliable program.

  • Denver - updated Replacement

    I purchased this to update my 2009 version. But was disappointed that many 2-3 year old new roads that I use frequently in my travels were not updated by DeLorme. Still I like this map program better than Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011, which I also own. DeLorme has better features for editing and printing, in my opinion.

  • Student 12 - PCAT Studay Guide

    This book has been very informative. I have enjoyed reviewing the different sections and re-learning some things that have passed from my memory. The first few chapters give you an overview of the test and give you a little insight as to what the test makers are looking for. I would highly recommend it to anyone preparing for the PCAT.

  • Linda Kay Kofoed - Beware

    I received .50 oz super revitalizing serum (do not see it pictured even) and got charged $89.85 without being able to easily see I was "signed up" for monthly shipments! Cannot afford this rip off.