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Tugun Compounding Pharmacy - Compound Pharmacy Gold Coast - Tugun Compounding Pharmacy specialises in all your compounding needs from bio-identical hormone replacement, nutrient programs and cosmeceuticals.

  • http://tuguncompounding.com.au/compounding-nutrients/ Compounding Nutrient Therapy — Tugun Compounding Pharmacy - We produce nutritional supplements using ingredients with validated purity, techniques, procedures, and equipment that ensure the highest consistent quality.
  • http://tuguncompounding.com.au/compounded-hormone-replacement-therapy/ Compounded Hormone Replacement Therapy — Tugun Compounding Pharmacy - Our hormones are identical to hormones naturally produced by the body. They fit the bodies receptors properly and elicit the same psychological response as the bodies natural hormones.
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  • Brett - Lasted less than three months.

    This router lasted less than 3 months, it just quit working. Power was on, but network would not recognize the device. Good thing I kept my old Linksys router.

  • Kelli B - Great mirror

    My daughter is 14 months old and this is the first mirror I've ever used (I had bought one but took it back because I didn't think I needed it). I am constantly asking others in the vehicle to check on her or reaching behind me to see if she has her pacifier or if she's awake or sleeping. I found this one on Amazon and thought I'd give it a shot. I was a bit unsure at first how it was going to work in my vehicle. My daughter is rear-facing in the middle seat of my truck but there is no head rest on that seat. I was able to install this in less than a minute on the headrest on the passenger side rear seat and angle it toward the car seat. It's actually perfect because I can now see my daughter's face effortlessly! We've went on long road trips and the mirror stays in place and hasn't needed any adjustments.

  • jscny - It does what it says. Stops leak! Not broken seals. 100% works!

    As an ASE Certified Automotive Technician, I don't discount products that claim some miracles so to speak. You have to read the claims, the direction and the disclaimer. This is no different to all other fluids or chemicals that we use for our vehicles. They all have characteristics and chemical properties. Brake fluids, Power steering, Coolant etc.. These are all chemicals that work based on their chemical properties and features. So is this LUCAS STOP LEAK. This LUCAS stop leak product has been tried and tested on numerous vehicles with leaking and even dripping oil that I have worked on. 100% works on seals that have harden or loosing sealing properties but not on broken ones. People must bear in mind that oil leaking under your car does not always mean it is coming from the oil pan. Just because the oil pan is wet or you can see the oil pan gasket is showing a leaking oil, doesn't mean it is coming from it. Sometimes or most of the time what you see is oil passing through the oil pan side of the gasket from the Main Seal of the engine. Main Seal is round and this is the seal to keep the oil inside the engine to pass through the end of the Crank Shaft Seal (back side of the engine) connected to your transmission via the Torque Converter. Main seal is one of the biggest seals your engine has and the usual and worst culprit in leaks. Another one is the Crank Shaft Seal located in the front of the engine where you see where the biggest pulley of the engine is. If this seal is broken or cracked already, no amount of chemical can stop this from leaking, but if it is only due to loosing its pliability or sealing property, this can be restored by a specialty chemical found in LUCAS stop leak. If LUCAS can stop the leak in this biggest engine seal and considered major engine oil seal then it can cure any seals in the engine that has lost its sealing property (not broken or cracked seals). This chemical is SCIENCE not just a marketing product. It has worked on a 1996 Toyota Camry that I have worked on with dripping oil from the Engine Main seal. I saw how the dripping volume incrementally decreasing every day. The oil leak (drips) stopped completely in 2 weeks. Now it is 2013 and the engine underneath is still dry. Lucas works on different seals such as Crank shaft, camshaft, oil pan and valve cover gasket, o-rings and all other seals inside your engine. When you pour the chemical into your engine, it travels to your oil galleries and through other moving parts and out to wherever your leak is. It will not stop the leak right away but the constant contact of this chemical to the seal causes a reaction to soften it and make it pliable again and thus seals the oil. It is advisable to use this product at least every other oil change to maintain the seals in this soft condition. Otherwise it will harden again and thereby leak again. This is a choice between spending hundreds of dollars in 1 day or 10 bottles of LUCAS oil in the remaining life of your vehicle. Do the math. You will save $$$$$$sss and time. IF it does not work then it is because you have a broken or cracked seal. I have seen how a broken seal looks like. The spring inside the seal that helps to keep the oil in has rotted and broken into pieces, and I have seen a cracked seal also. If this is the case then you have now the option to go the the 2nd scenario- your mechanic comes into play to fix the leak, and be ready for your calculator and withdrawal slip or your ATM Card.

  • Sarah Jean Harrison - Loved it! Current and relevant information

    Loved it! Current and relevant information. The best piece I think was the cultural aspects as when we discussed oddities with locals, they all agreed that it was accurate. Great ice breakers!

  • armyofsquirrels - Been Using K&N for years.

    I bought the car (06 Mazda6 with the V6) in 09 with 32K on it. I've been using these filters for about 2 oil changes after I bought the car. I use to use Fram that I would pick up at the local Walmart. After seeing videos of people tearing apart old filters on YouTube I decided wet "Cardboard" wasn't good enough. So I switched to K&N. The difference was noticeable to me at least, the car was just a lot smoother (sounds weird but it was). I usually pick them up at the Local Advance Auto and the Oil (Pennzoil Ultra 5W20) at Walmart. If you buy from amazon and purchase more then 2 its a good deal. At the time of typing this, it was 13.99 before Tax at Advance, and Amazon has them for $9.xx free shipping at 25$. Great Filter. Great Price at Amazon for those who Think Ahead.

  • IT Pro - Helps

    These are easy to swallow and incorporate in with daily medications. So far there have been no noticeable negative side effects, or interactions. I gave these to a loved one. I have noticed that their thoughts and moods are a little less sporadic.