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  • E. Kraemer - The 8000 Pound Gorilla

    How in the world can so many people use a product and it be so bad? I was previously using MS Office Accounting [that is a rant for another time] when they pulled the plug on their product. After listening to my accountant I decided to go with QuickBooks 2013. Not even their tech staff could migrate my MSOA database - that should have been my first clue. After the first day I was ready to throw it in the trash, but simply could not find a product to do what I wanted. The reports are a joke - what lunatic set the reports to calculate BEFORE you even set the range[s] for the thing[s] you are looking for???? Who was the idiot that does not know how an editor should work - attempting to use the description field on long notes is enough to make me want to shoot people. The Spell Checker is a joke, and that is being kind. The list goes on and on ad nauseam. This product cannot have been created by programmers, it must have been written by accountants [and I use that term loosely] that thought they understood how to program. The most simplistic jobs turn into nightmares or cannot even be done... or worse they want you to purchase the Point of Sales version. Their 2nd expensive piece of garbage. Why in the world would you need two databases just to run a simple cash draw and get a simple X-Out or Z-Out report? When you start with a pile of garbage, and you try to fix or enhance it, you still have a pile of garbage. Did you ever have a problem with the IRS where you ask one of the reps a question, hang up and call back 30 minutes later, and get a different answer? QB tech support is worse - a bunch of shoe sales people with pages of canned answers - you need to escalate the problem three levels to find out that what you want cannot be done by QB. And that Pesky Event ID 4 in the Event Logs, well that's not a real error, just ignore it... WTF!!!. How many times should an application abort and throw users into the dirt on an almost daily basis before you just say NO. Sit everybody down in a room, map out how it should work - this time with REAL accountants as well as end users - and then start from scratch. Make sure that NONE of the real programmers, people that program for a living, not a hobby, have ever seen any of the existing QB code.

  • Corrado - Quick growing seeds!

    It only took less than 2 weeks to sprout and they are growing fast and healthy where other grass just couldn't survive. love it!

  • A. Wapcaplet - Much too big. When they should a World Vision ...

    Much too big. When they show a World Vision commercial, the flies on the children's faces are the size of chihuahuas.

  • Brandon Roarty - The Best Book for a Beginner in Investing

    This book is for anyone who wants to know how the stock market works. This book is for anyone who wants to know what influences the stock market. This book is for anyone who wants to make money on the stock market. There is a reason this is the fifth addition of this book, because it work, and because the author wants to keep his readers informed and up to date on the ever changing environment of the stock market.

  • Dgo@#1 - Recomended software

    I recomend this since they automatically upgrade your version if your subscription expires a few months after january 1. Will give you the full 365 days coverage. I switched to this company after another one charged me full price for coverage when i bought my computer on black friday and only got coverage for 1 month before they charged me again for a new version for next year.

  • Amazon Customer - Great TV

    Bought this TV to replace my broken game room tv. Great TV for the price. I have had no issues with the picture as some have posted. I did calibrate it with a calibration cd I got in the past. PS4 looks amazing on it as well as 4K videos on YouTube. Now just waiting for Comcast to offer a X1 box that offers 4K. Standard HD looks good but will be better hopefully when Sony releases firmware that gives it HDR capabilities. Very satisfied with this tv.