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  • S. Price - If you are truly serious

    If you have one of the health problems like Autism or Fibromyalgia and are very very serious about getting rid of it then this book is for you. I don't so I found all the in depth doctor stuff the first several chapters to be difficult to get through. I think if you have yeast over growth or other gut/intestinal problems and you need to start your gut over this is a great idea.

  • HKSS - like hotel soaps

    Bars are so small, like hotel soaps. It has not been corrective for the condition for which it was purchased.

  • technophobic - Delighted

    After 15plus years of TurboTax, now a first-year user of TaxACT, and I couldn't be happier. $12.99 for a package that would have cost me $150 with TT. (I use Schedule A, B, C and D, and depreciation schedules.) Saying goodbye to slimy Intuit: priceless!! Switch-over was painless. Overall, entering the data is as easy as it was with TT -- at one point, TaxACT is even better as it allows for overrides where TurboTax has limited the override capability more and more. The import of my 1099 forms is manual, however it is a minimal effort, in the course of which I discovered that one automated import last year dropped taxes withheld: either the bank did the wrong encoding of the 1099 form or the TT software did the wrong decoding. In any case, an unexpected refund for me. (I did not choose the bundle because my state makes it super easy to enter the data directly on the website of the state revenue department.) (I have TaxACT running on Vista and on Windows 8.1 in desk top mode - no problem in either case.)

  • lemonadedan - 2 thumbs up

    Best anti frizz on the market, hands down! Even during these humid monsoon days my hair stays beautiful all day long when I use Chi Silk.

  • Kate B - Folds nice & small, great quality!

    The pod is such nice quality. I love that it is only about as wide as my bike handlebars - most double trailers are much wider. All of the interchangeable parts (wheels/trailer) are simple to take off and put on. This is officially the only double stroller (let alone bike trailer!) that we've managed to fit in the trunk of a VW Beetle - great for tight spaces when storing too.

  • Thomas Knight - Not worth $100..

    I've tried it for over a week now and havnt noticed the slightest change in anything. Oh & P.S. All of these other reviews seem extra fake to me.

  • Kevin R. Jackson - Otherwise im satisfied with how fast I received the bars

    $70 cheaper than the MSRP, had to put some electrical tape around the flaps that allows the metal peg to be retracted so you can slide them (to keep flap from sticking up and reduce theft). Otherwise im satisfied with how fast I received the bars. Greatly adds functionality to my SUV now all i need is a hitch to truly see the U in SUV.