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  • Justin B. - Average

    This book landed me a 154 Quant. and 159 Verbal, which are just slightly above average scores. I only scored in the 11th percentile though on the writing section, which I didn't study for. So I highly recommend if you get this at least practice the writing a little bit. And make sure you access the online material because they have more questions there and will get you more comfortable with that aspect because the real test is computer format. So overall, it was a decent book and perhaps even a good starting point, but if you want a 165+ you should invest in other, more advanced prep books.

  • mckenzie - Terrible Terrible Terrible

    This Shoe is suppose to last a LONG time, i ordered these shoes christmas time of 2014, the soles are completely torn off from the shoe!!! Afte 4 months of wear. I recommend no one buy these shoes from Amazon. Go to a store!!! I am so pissed off.

  • Renee DV - Great for Joint pain and lowering cholesterol and so much more

    I bought this stuff directly from earthworks after reading about all the benefits of taking this natural supplement. I specifically bought it for my mother who is on cholesterol medicine as well as other statin medication which i know damage her system. She also has severe arthritis which have practically deformed my moms hands. She has been taking this for a full year and I have to say results were so great, i now take this and give it to my pets as well. Her hands look normal again, she can walk comfortably and the coolest part is the doctor congratulated her for her great results in lowering her cholesterol, high blood pressure and her diabetes. So good in fact the doctor requested she take the tests over as he thought they were a mistake. She is slowly weaning off of her statin drugs thank goodness to no joy of her doctor. The benefits I have read are too long to list but you can find a list here:

  • Meredith Coronato - so fun!

    This is so much fun! I was looking for a calendar for my little boy and this popped up! Who doesn't love to pop bubble wrap? we had a few months to cover so he immediately got to work. This is so brilliant that I have a hard time keeping him from popping all of them! My one and only suggestion is that although the months are in sequence and the color varies from black to dark red- it is very hard to tell which months are which. A little confusing. I would suggest a greater color difference in months to clear the confusion. The air filled bubbles were placed directly over each number so it is quite clear which one to pop.

  • Justin W - Side to Side/ Front to Back Great; Hitch position has to be found by myself

    My experience with Levelmatepro had mixed results. Leveling side to side and front to back worked great. It however does not give me a hitch disconnect position. I have to find that myself. I have a 5th wheel and that is an important position to allow the hitch jaws to release. I have to reprogram the disconnect position at every campsite. Something I have forgotten to do several times so far. But with a 5th wheel, my connect position is lower than the disconnect position so it helped but didn't prevent the in and out of the truck to adjust the height.

  • Nansea - Did not receive item

    I did not receive the item because it was not listed correctly. I was looking forward to getting the right teak oil for my swim step on my boat and it did not happen.

  • MARLIN BAINBRIDGE - Sage Peachtree - it's cheaper and has some nice features

    I switched from Quickbooks 2008 to Peachtree Complete 2011. The transfer of data from QB to Peachtree was rather painless. Don't do what I did and make your first active period Jan 2010 for example. Just put the current period that you are working on or don't switch mid-year like I did. You do have to go back and reconcile all accounts which is rather annoying and a huge waste of time, but it wasn't that bad. The treatment of credit cards is really strange and I like QB's approach much better. In short, QB you enter transactions, reconcile with the statement and put it to AP ledger to pay. Peachtree treats it much differently and while perhaps you can do what I just stated, it isn't anywhere near as easy. I haven't imported transactions from online, but of course there is no Peachtree option on the online accounts. You can probably due it via csv file, but for my small numbers it is just as easy to enter by hand.