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  • lucidsound - Hush Numbing Gel works!

    I was concerned about buying a numbing product for an up coming large rib piece. Tattoo artist warned me that some products caused more problems then they are worth. The price is steep, and I was worried I was not going to work. I followed the direction and went to Hush's website for any other pointers on how use the product to its full potential. All it felt was cold on my skin from the gel, and I was sure that the product was fake. I was presently wrong!!!! I settled into the tattoo session, with only an occasional spot that I could feel on my skin. The product lasted me well into 3 hours and only wore down at the last 45 minutes. Best part is that I only used half the bottle. Buy this product, but make sure to follow the directions

  • Matthew Barchok - Take that, Jerry Springer!

    I used this product, and the results came back negative. (blue eyes, whew!) Take that, Jerry Springer! I always knew he wasn't mine. That cheating *****! So much for your fancy-shmancy DNA test.

  • Just the Truth - Try This Stuff!

    Benefits we've experienced here at our house: (1) Placing in ears regularly, it pulls out excess wax, naturally. Not sure how, but it does. Wax just seems to extract itself almost! (2) Those of us willing to drink a little twice each day, plus place in ears have not had one cold or flu yet this winter. Those in the household who don't follow the regimen, HAVE had the usual rounds of sniffles and fevers. (3) Using it as a moisturizer (i'm 47) my skin is amazing: diminished eye-area-wrinkles, silky, silky smooth skin. FAB on face, neck, and hands, as long as you keep the oil out of your eyes. (4) I place it on my scalp every night, and then wash hair in the morning. Again - super soft, soft shiny hair, and i'm 100% grey. Compliments from strangers all the time. Many of the same benefits as hemp seed oil, but even better results on the skin.

  • Yoga Love - My kid loves these

    I think they taste like you dissolved and iron pill in chocolate milk but she loves them. They are a better price here than the local store. She savors them and calls them her "morning latte." Ok, she's odd. She is healthy and tall and thin with no health problems so one a day seems to be working out well for her. She is 5.

  • Jackie - i installed it no problem and I have been very happy with it

    The antenna was exactly as shown. It was also exactlly what I wanted, i installed it no problem and I have been very happy with it.