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  • Bforboss9 - I am thankful that I was too young to ever be a part of the super thin eyebrow stage because I only had some patchy ...

    This worked very well for me. Look out Cara!! I am thankful that I was too young to ever be a part of the super thin eyebrow stage because I only had some patchy spots I wanted to fix with this. It worked for me! Within the first couple of applications I could already tell there was a difference. I did receive this at a promo discount, but even their current sale price makes it worth it!! Try it out you guys!

  • Native Texan - Excellent Read!

    Having read Horn's Apollyon Rising, I found this updated version to be so much better. Horn is an amazing researcher bringing light to so many of the ancient texts with the keen ability to connect the dots and explain a pattern of deception dating back to the very beginning of creation. A problem many may find in this read is to discover America's "true" history and purpose in the world, completely opposing to the one we may have learned in school or elsewhere. Horn holds nothing back and let's the record speak for itself offering the reader a blueprint and explaining how this nation, along with the great empires of the past, have so fallen from peace and prosperity allowing a very real evil to reign in it's place ... as the book's cover illustrates and reveals what the satanic symbol of the Illuminist's really is ... the Eye of Osiris. I highly recommend this book!

  • velvet serpent - These provide excellent support and compression without hindering movement.

    These Knee  Sleeves by Mava Sports are exactly what I needed.  I've noticed that for the last few years my knees are giving me more discomfort after an intense work out or after playing sports. I was looking for a supportive device that I could wear while playing hockey. I did not want to use the braces with gears, or the braces that had the metal flex bars ( those always seem to rip open after a lot of use). I do not need the level of support that a knee brace would provide,  but I definitely do need some support. Also, when I have tried those kinds of knee brace type supports in the past, they seemed to hinder my movements, and lower my overall performance.

  • Charlie - Great but be carefull

    After using this product a few times my back began to feel better. However I started having a problem with one of my artificial hips. So my doctor told me I best not use it. This is after I had it for 31 days so I can't return it. It really helped my back and I'm sorry I have to quit using it. If you don't have replacement hips go for it!