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  • Connie Lunsford - OK if it had worked

    I lost our ipod shuffles while riding our motorcycle so had to buy some replacements. For some reason it would only play while hooked up to the computer. It would not power on. I think it was a bad battery not letting it charge. The seller refunded my money right away. I liked the overall size and that it seemed like it would be as easy to use as my shuffle.

  • Mda10 - Clutch issue/quality control

    Was testing the reel and within a few clutch releases and re-engaging, the handle would not close the clutch anymore. Everything else on the reel seemed to have worked as intended, but the clutch system broke very easily. It would have been unfortunate if this broke while on a fishing trip. Quality control may have issues, buyer beware.

  • Michele N. Morris - Happy I Bought It

    Works just as described. I wanted a diffuser that would work in a larger open living room/kitchen in my cabin. This makes the whole area smell wonderful and I get the benefits of my essential oils.

  • Dan G. - I absolutely love Affresh tabs

    I absolutely love Affresh tabs. I have a HE, front-load washing machine and these tablets keep things fresh and clean. I keep the door closed between washing cycles, and after a few weeks or so, there is a tendency to get a mildew smell and mold buildup on and near the rubber seals. I also have a toddler and do A LOT of laundry. I try to keep the door open and the rubber seals dry after each use, but that's nearly impossible with a 3 YO closing the door whenever he sees that it's open! These tablets have been so helpful in keeping my washing machine clean! They fully dissolve during the clean cycle and remove any debris and odor that has built up between cleanings. The tablets are easy to use - just put inside the drum and select the appropriate cycle. Done! The tablet dissolves quickly so you don't need to worry about a loud, banging sound in the drum or damage to the drum itself. Once the cycle is complete, the inside of the washing machine is clean, smells fresh, and keeps clothes from picking up any mildew smell that may linger. I typically use these tablets once a month. They are great!

  • James Bailey - Great shoes

    Bought for my son. He loves them. He used to ask for expensive inserts for his shoes, but not with these. I'm very pleased.