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  • Ibrahim Awwal - Good device for students, some questionable design decisions

    First thing to note, this is the international version. At least where I live this means that I don't get LTE on T-Mobile, but this may vary from place to place since different carriers have different LTE bands in different places. I didn't really get it for the LTE anyway so that's not a big issue for me.

  • snoopybelle - Use this book along with USMLE World.

    During the first 2 years of medical school, I really didn't study that much until it came time to study for step 1. Also, the school I attend really didn't prepare us well for step 1. I studied about 8 hours a day for 5 weeks and used First Aid along with USMLE World as my main sources. I also listened to Goljian Audio lectures during my daily jog. I went through First Aid twice and USMLE World once. I think this was enough for step 1. Each question gives you a few clues to the answer, if you can recognize atleast 1 or 2 of the clues, the answer is straighforward(most of the time). I ended up scoring 245/99. Using a bunch of other books really is a waste of time in 5 weeks of studying. Just concentrate on First Aid, USMLE World, and Goljian Audio. Hope this helps.

  • meganator - battery opperated selfie helper

    This awesome little phone accessory is so fun and it actually works! I was skeptical that it would make any sort of difference but it defiantly does. I got this for my daughters Iphone 5, It fit well and stayed in place. It works like a chip clip, its hinged and you pinch the top and slide it onto your phone.It requires 2 AAA batteries which aren't included. I was lucky enough to recieve a discount on this item in return for an honest and unbiased review. If you found this review helpful, pleases click below

  • Robert Heintz - Front seat mats are great. Back unit doesn't fit well or cover much ...

    Front seat mats are great. Back unit doesn't fit well or cover much with the cutouts the way they are done. It was also shipped in a damaged box covered in tape. Looks like a shipment of a product that had been returned.

  • ferd - A better way, do it yourself save some bucks

    I tought these would be a great item to secure my hard bags on my 2016 FLHR, but to my surprise after a 100 mile ride they unscrew them self from vibrations. I would recommend you buy go to any hardware store like ACE and get 2 slip nuts/ 2 nylon washers, 2 thumb bolts(or a SS bolt) 1-1/2" long the sized about 1/4 or 5/16. Remove only one of the Harley insert on each side, install new slip-nut. then install hard bags. You will have Security, one will quick attach the other will have to be removed with thumb nit or a wrench, for about 5 bucks.

  • Alan Hudson - Crystal Meth in Five Minutes

    My life has been hell since getting this book. Learning how to cook moonshine in a microwave has saved me thousands of dollars in booze. Problem is, her temperature specs were off and I went blind. The brail copy of this book costs twice as much, and since I lost my job, I can't afford it. I need a copy badly, as the only way I can make a living is using her Crystal Meth in five minutes recipe, but I can't remember it. I think the cat got into my last batch, he's very stiff and cold and never moves.

  • Leggy Saint - Great Deal

    Easy to install. Actually baught 3 licenses and only needed on installer. Make sure you don't download installer multiple times.