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  • beaglesmom - Not what pictured

    What is in the picture is not want you get. What is pictured is a solid red cap. What you get is a red cap with a big square sewn on logo of the brand right in the middle of the cap. Really? Why?? It's also MUCH smaller than a medium. The quality seems fine which is why I'm even giving it 3 stars but I certainly didn't get what I was led to think I was buying. It's going back.

  • K. Newland - Very Enjoyable!

    Shirley MacLaine and Jessica Lange played off of each other beautifully in this Comedy. Very believable as long-time friends. Sure, there were some moments during the interactions with criminals that were "out there", but those moments didn't overshadow the good of the movie.

  • Robert Andrews - Fire Hazard!

    This unit is a POS. spent 3 hours attempting to install and when it finally worked the thermal printing unit caught the printer paper on fire. Potentially burning down my store. Bad News. This is why good units cost $200 - which I purchased the Epson now.

  • Homey - reduces... not eliminates the noise

    It's okay. Easy enough to install, and it does reduce the noise from the pump. But, it doesn't eliminate the noise. I would guess it reduced the noise by maybe 35% to 40%. I also install some foam pipe insulation on the supply line as far as I could reach which also helped to reduce the vibration between the pipe and some of the RV structure. I would recommend it but know that it only reduces the noise, not eliminate the noise.

  • Nunya - I decided to go for the bigger bottle

    I have been using Garnier Fall fight Shampoo, for about a year now. I was purchasing the smaller bottle. That mean always having to order more. This time I decided to save myself the trouble and time, and, purchase the larger bottle. The thing with fall fight is that you have to be consistent in it's use. I have problems with my scalp too, so, I have to use non-zinc pyrithione dandruff shampoo too. The dandruff can contribute to hair falling out, too. I started taking vitamins. My doctors diagnosed me with vitamin d3 deficiency and vitamin b12 deficiency. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with my loosing my hair. I think this shampoo helps with falling hair. But, as I said, you have to be consistent. I also like the super saver, where shipping is free.

  • Amazon Customer - Roadtrip Navigator 2012

    I have used Roadtrip Navigator for many years. I have tried MS Software too. The package from Delorme, Street Atlas, I have used for over 10 years. I upgrade Street Atlas every other year. I also upgrade Roadtrip Navigator every other year. For planing a RV trip you can do no better than Roadtrip Navigator. Is it perfect, NO. It doesn't list most of the Thousand Trail or ROD parks and I have to supply the address to the program. The ease of use and, especially, when you change your route or schedule, is outstanding. The national weather and road grades are really nice. Wish they showed the elevation ( I have a heart condition and can not go over 3000 feet). Would be wonderful if they get the program on the tablets (need to have the program to run on the extended memory). I don't use it in real time as I have an on-board navigation system but have used it just to see it connected to the GPS from Delorme. It worked great.

  • wyoung74 - Looks great but was a tight fit clipping the last clip

    Looks great but was a tight fit clipping the last clip. With a little work it finally clipped and hasn't unclipped in the year it's been on.