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  • Raleigh E. Horne - Worthless

    There are updates that will completely remove the device and you have download the software again to print. IT DOES NOT RECONGIZE THE PRINTER JUST THE FAX TO PRINT. The ink is full in all compartments yet it prints in just two colors. I can keep going with why it is a waste of money. This printer is a piece of crap, don't waste your money on it.

  • Amazon Customer - Good read

    This was a good book. I picked it up and was unable to put it down until I finished. Good storyline although some parts got a little boring.

  • Steggy13 - While most students love this book

    While most students love this book, I find that it is a bunch of random points without explanation. As a review book it is clearly not intended to learn the material, but I isn't an adequate review either. Unless you love memorization without caring to understand the material do not use this as a primary part of your board preparation. It does a nice job of narrowing down material to high yield facts, which may be useful after reviewing the material elsewhere. I found that as I prepared for boards more this book got used less to the point that it eventually was left at home.

  • Linda V - Not for me...

    After reading all the reviews I decided to try it.. I was hoping to like it but I really can't stand the taste. If you are used to whey protein this tastes totally different and leaves a bad after taste in your mouth.. Will be switching back to whey protein.. My advice is to try it some where else before you buy it..