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  • Casey - perfect

    This speaker box fit perfecctly in my 2007 dodge ram 2500 quad cab. Also it is built solid and sounds very nice.

  • Henny - fits really well and easy to put together

    fits really well and easy to put together, although there are no instructions on how to do any of that but I was able to figure it out based on my old set.

  • DUANE J CHURCH - Great band, great album

    Great band, great album. Been waiting for this to come out for a long time!! Hopefully they will release it on Cd and Vinyl

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome read

    I really enjoyed the book a lot lots of information and lots of great remedies as well. This book has lots of history that you never even thought about. Dr Afrika is a great educated man.

  • Sarah Williams - Amazing experience

    I have Really dry flaky skin that seems easily irritated and my doctor suggested a retinol moisturizer for the scales. This is my first experience with retinol and the change it made in the first 48 hrs was incredible. I am 29 and I use this at night after an oily toner for mature skin from body shop. It just sinks in and my skin Is smooth in the morning. I could wear foundation now and I only bought this brand cause it was $6 at marshals by my house. Now I need more

  • KaRo - E-salon team "listens"

    I decided I wanted to change up the color and sent in writing a description. The color came with explicit directions and turned out just as I had hoped.The e-salon team did a great job of interpreting what I wanted and explaining the new how-to. I recommend e-salon to all of my friends and family. The quality of the product seems equal to what I paid a lot more for at a salon.