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Informed Discussion on Animal Welfare in Animal Testing - We don't support animal testing but acknowledge there are occasions when its role in medical research saves lives. We provide information and logical discussion on the topic of animal welfare

  • http://www.aboutanimaltesting.co.uk/using-animals-testing-pros-versus-cons.html Using Animals for Testing: Pros Versus Cons - The pros and cons of animal testing are both important to understand but unfortunately, neither offers a definitive answer to please everyone.
  • http://www.aboutanimaltesting.co.uk/replacement-of-animal-testing.html Replacement of Animal Testing - Replacement methods are one of the three Rs of alternative methods to animal testing. They involve replacing an animal model with a non-animal model.
  • http://www.aboutanimaltesting.co.uk/what-happens-animals-after-testing.html What Happens to Animals After Testing? - Many people want to know what happens to animals after testing. Learn how animals are humanely euthanized.
  • http://www.aboutanimaltesting.co.uk/what-animal-testing.html What is Animal Testing? - Animal testing is used to assess the safety and effectiveness of everything from medication to cosmetics. While there are some who support the practice, others are adamantly against its use and the harm it does to animals.
  • http://www.aboutanimaltesting.co.uk/quick-statistics-on-animal-testing.html Quick Statistics on Animal Testing - Animal testing statistics are useful for gauging how effective government, research and public targets are in terms of animal use. They can, however, be misleading so be sure to use reliable sources.
  • http://www.aboutanimaltesting.co.uk/animal-testing-myths.html Animal Testing Myths - There are many myths surrounding animal testing. It's important to be aware of the facts to better understand how animal testing works and is applied.
  • http://www.aboutanimaltesting.co.uk/animal-testing-timeline.html Animal Testing Timeline - Animal testing has an interesting timeline that is fraught with debate over much of its existence. It is likely that the future will hold continued controversy but decreased use as new alternatives are developed.

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