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  • Jessica Weissman - Just do it - in fairness to your heirs

    Willmaker has been THE tool for creating a straightforward will electronically for a couple of decades, and deservedly so. Whatever you think of Nolo's business model, the tool itself works well for creating a complete and sound will. You can also produce other vital documents like health care power of attorney, financial power of attorney, and so on.

  • ernie escontrias - Same ice for half the price

    Let me preface this review with I have not received any discounting or promotion on this product. This is an honest consumer review. I did a head-to-head comparison of two brand-new 10 ounce lowball stainless steel cups; one from YETI and the other from RTIC. I took two, 2 1/2 inch ice balls that were frozen at the same time with the same water source. Both cups were at room temperature and each ice ball was placed in each cup at the same time. I am very please to state that the RTIC and YETI were comparable to the point that any differences in ice keeping ability is negligible. In fact the RTIC kept the cube for approximately 45 minutes longer than the YETI. Both cups kept ice past 16 hours. Some product observations, the yeti is heavier but only slightly. I was impressed with the RTIC lid, it fit tighter out of the box than did the YETI lid. I wasn't allowed to post my previous review in regards to pricing of the products. So I will not go into that at this point other than to say do your research. I was able to get the RTIC cup for half via the company site. I also wanted to state that the RTIC comes with a lid while the YETI does not.