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  • Gregory L. Borchert - Must Have for Backpackers

    I love my Grayl Ultralight. I backpack a lot in the Colorado Rockies, and water weight is a penalty you want to avoid uphill. With my Grayl on a recent 3 day trek, I easily stayed hydrated and had fresh water for all my needs. I carried one Nalgene which I filled from the Grayl, and then with the slender design of this unit was able to carry fresh water in a pocket of my hiking pants. So easy and convenient. None of the hassles of separate filters.

  • Amazon Customer - Why change a timeless classic?

    The simplicity of the Sorry game has made it timeless. This same simplicity also made it possible for young and old alike to enjoy without being overly complicated. Our game was worn out, so we asked for a new one for our family for Christmas. I was shocked when I opened our new box today. I will be searching second-hand stores for an older version. I wish I could return this one to the store. I guess it is a marketing win/win for you. In a few years your can re-release the classic.

  • chilli1 - could be alot better

    The scope is red so its kinda hard to see through and the sencer that comes in this package wont pick up the top edge of the tv. Im assuming if used along with the eye toy it would be alot better. Another thing that really sucks is that its all run on AA batteries. theres x2 in the gun and x2 in the sencer.