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Akeso Psychiatric Clinics - Akeso psychiatric clinics offer specialised private inpatient care for the treatment of psychiatric conditions, providing safety, comfort and expert care.

  • http://www.akeso.co.za/clinics Akeso Clinics - Akeso - Akeso clinics offer a range of specialised psychiatric clinics in Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/contact Contact Us - Akeso - Contact us today for assistance, advice, or more information, and we'll help you however we can.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/about About Akeso - Private In-patient Psychiatric Clinics - Akeso is a group of private in-patient psychiatric clinics providing individual treatment for various psychiatric, psychological and addictive conditions.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/akeso-units Units - Akeso - Our clinics offer 3 main units with specialised programmes, for general psychiatry, dual diagnosis and young adults. Additional units exist at some clinics.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/disorders Psychiatric Disorders - Addictive Disorders - Akeso - If your symptoms disrupt your daily functioning, consider seeking help. We're committed to the practical treatment of psychiatric and addictive disorders.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/admissions Psychiatric Clinic Admissions - Akeso - Akeso clinics accept both professional and personal referrals for 24 hour a day admissions, with on-call doctors and psychiatrists to assist our patients.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/patient-testimonials Patient Testimonials - Akeso - Read what some of our patients have had to say about their experience with Akeso clinics.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/make-enquiry Make An Enquiry - Akeso - To make an enquiry, and speak to one of our expert consultants, simply complete the form below and we will email or phone you back.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/self-assessment-tools Self Assessment Tools - Akeso - Are you worried that you or somebody you know may need assistance dealing with a potential disorder? Take one of our self-assessment tests and find out.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/events CPD & Community Events - Akeso - Akeso is committed to continuing professional development. This page shows our upcoming scheduled CPD events. Contact us for more information.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/outpatient-initiatives Akeso In The Community - Psychiatric Response Unit - Akeso - Akeso provides a range of specialist units designed to assist the community, including our Psychiatric Intervention Unit and several regional special units.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/team Our Team - Akeso - Our team at Akeso is what makes our work possible. We thank them for their hard work and dedication.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/medical-aids Medical Aids - Akeso - Akeso clinics works closely with all major medical aid schemes to help ensure cost effective, accessible care for our patients. Private rates available.
  • http://www.akeso.co.za/psychiatric-intervention-unit Psychiatric Intervention Unit - Akeso - We offer a Psychiatric Intervention Unit program for emergency interventions in certain areas. The associated hotline is a public service, freely available.

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