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  • S. Dancer - Norton 360 Multi-Device 2013 - 1 User / 5 Devices (Old Version)

    This may say "Old Version" on it, but don't be confused. All you need is the code for renewal in it to have your Norton 360 for another year on 5 devices!! We did the same thing last year and it worked then as well. Why pay almost $100 bucks at the local electronics store when you get it here for less than $30??

  • James R. V. Matichuk - Unclutter Your Soul in 10 Simple Steps!

    I am not a mega-church guy. The churches I have been a part of have been small; however I am not a mega-hater either. I recognize big churches often have resources that smaller churches do not and are doing Kingdom work. I recognize my life’s call is different but I appreciate several mega-church pastors. One such pastor I respect is Bill Hybels, founding pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, Illinois. He is a clear and effective communicator, a follower of Jesus and a pastor with nearly forty years of experience. I admit that I have a bias for smaller more organic models of church, but you have to respect that kind of faithful longevity in ministry!

  • G. Underwood - The best Tax Book

    I've been doing taxes for years and this is the best source. I tried others but found the organization, writing style, and index best with Lasser. Only complaint was the last time I checked the website was not updated for 2013, including the supplement.

  • Eagle80 - Terrific, but may not fit small bathrooms (measurements here, plus a genius solution)

    First, this actually does do everything it says. You truly will not go back to pooping in a non-squat position. You poop faster and cleaner than ever before. There are two negatives, one of which is why we returned ours.

  • Michael Schulze - Great action cam

    After previously purchasing 2 other cameras that had to be returned ( one because it was faulty and the other because of such poor quality ) I decided to try again and decided on this camera and I am glad I did. The quality of the video produced by this camera is second to none.

  • priscilla just - love it

    i get to watch all my favorite films without having to buy them or atleast i can watch them before i buy them so i can decide if i want to or not