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  • Christopher B. - they dot fit sungly like the TV add claims

    Purchased these Floorliner™ Digital Fit® for my wife's 2010 SRX. They are made of chintzy Plastic, they dot fit sungly like the TV add claims. I expected a thick flexible rubber, not the thin hard plastic. I wish I would have read all these reviews prior to purchase, I would have never purchased. I was fooled by their good advertising. I will be returning them and purchasing the OEM version from my dealership.

  • Jacque75 - Phenomenal Followup

    If you are following along you will not be disappointed except when it ends. As always the up and downs kept me on my toes and wanting more. I will not provide any details because advid fans will truly want to discover the next turn all by themselves. Latrivia Welch has done it again.

  • Sonya McMillin - Pop those zits

    The Dermatique 5-Piece Blackhead Remover Kit from Dermatique is a great kit to keep your pores clean and free from bacteria that can cause acne. When trying to extract a blackhead using your fingers you can easily bruise the skin around the black head. However, using the tools provied in this kit, it is easier, less painful, less damaging and quicker. The kit comes with five tooks. The kit comes with instructions and tells you which tool is best for each type of blemish