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  • J. S. Radford - Sorta works but not alone and NOT as advertised

    Two years ago I wasted $120 on the Slendertone belt and eventually gave it away to a thrift store. It did work somewhat but it gave me a really weird "1-pack" result if anything. That is, when I'd sit up using my new-found core strength, the center of my ab region bulged up over 1" into a single central vertical column about 6" long in a very dramatically unnatural way. It kind freaked me out and I gave the belt away after using for a couple of months (I was at 99 level).

  • any mouse - The stretchy goodness of ArthriD3

    I love arthri D3 cause among many other wonderful health benefits, arthri D3 gave me my stretches back. Everytime i yawn and stretch i am greatfull to arthri D3. Unfortunately when i stop taking ArthriD3 i can't stretch completely anymore. I wish ArthriD3 was more affordable, because i can't afford it next month. My stretches will last about a week after i run out but after that i will have to live without completed stretches. i'll be able to start to stretch but then my back cramps up so i can't finish my stretch. So far i've only gone without ArthriD3 for a week. When my last bottle runs out , i'll be worried and sad without ArthrD3. I also love complexin because it controlls my bladder issues.

  • Becky Wise - Perfect for capturing the moment!

    We had a party and I wanted to catch our friends in an unassuming video. If they knew they were being recorded, they would have acting differently, and I wanted to capture the moments with their true behaviors. This pen allowed me to do just that! My video was a success and my friends were all amazed that I was able to that without the slightest suspicion! But beware of those who need to use an ink pen and ask to borrow yours!!

  • Penny - I am writing about this product because their are many women like myself which will benefit from this product but will ...

    I have read the reviews about Hairfinity which has compelled me to write my review about this product.

  • Joshua Tunks - Quieted my pump

    I have an Outback 301BQ and I was having a terrible time with the pump and it's noise. Took a look at the instructions for the pump on line and they specified having a soft hose between the plumbing and the pump, Outback had it installed hard plumbing directly to the pump. So I ordered this kit and in about 15min was all done and the pump was notably more quiet.

  • barbara - barbara, benbrook,texas

    this is an excellent product. it make s your hair nice and soft and easy to comb through after shampooing and moisturizing. I would recommend this to all.