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  • Flight of the Phoenix - AVG Virus 2013 is wonderful

    I've always had the free version, but with so much going on in the computer world, it was getting bad. So, we wanted good protection at a low cost - AVG fit the bill!

  • Elizabeth Beckert - I am grounded and love it!

    I have known Clint for several years and have been a test subject in grounding. I now take no medications and can exercise vigorously--feeling totally recovered by the next morning. I am 51.

  • [email protected] - nice

    Has worked on most things. It did not hold on a ceramic baking lit, after cooking a meal in it the lid split again. It has worked well on other things we have used it on.

  • The AngelArs Foundation - Many nice features

    I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I have another essential oil diffuser that I also bought here on Amazon. I have always liked it but now, after using this new Viva Naturals aromatherapy essential oil diffuser I do not use it as much. The Viva Naturals is so much nicer. It is easier to use, and blends seamlessly into any decor. I love the adjustable mist control, and it’s also much easier to find and select the LED color that you want to use. The only thing that I didn’t like about this oil diffuser had nothing to do with the oil diffuser itself, but rather the cup that they give you to fill the unit. The first time I used it I inadvertently over filled the diffuser. This is because it is marked to hold 150ml of water, but the unit only holds around half that much. Why they did this I have no idea, but to get around it I use my old oil diffuser cup which holds 80ml (which is perfect for this units fill line). Another plus is that the colors that they let you manually choose are more pleasing to the eye than other oil diffusers have. You can see that a lot of thought went into the design of this unit. You can even use this oil diffuser as just a night light if you want, which is great if you have kids. The oil that you use with this diffuser seems to last longer when using this Viva Naturals aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. I am very happy with this aromatherapy oil diffuser and plan to buy several more for my house.

  • Skatergirl - It's Just Okay, not great.

    It was better than anything else I ever tried. But it wasn't great. Just okay. It did have a smell to it. Not as bad as others, but it did. If you wear cologne with it you still smell it a bit. It was still streaky, but again, not as bad as most. Orangy somewhat, so they haven't perfected that either. So that's why I am giving it a 3, it's just okay. I would not buy another bottle of it.

  • J Leolani Kirkendall - It's pretty awesome for the price

    The keyboard is very nice. I really like the keys and the RGB modes for only $70. The only thing I don't like about it is that it does not have a braided cord, and there are no additional ports (which I didn't expect there to be for the price).