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Arizona Sinus Center Division of Valley ENT * Phoenix Sinus Doctors Treating Sinusitis Nasal Polyps Nasal Tumors * Sinus Surgeons Phoenix 85006 - The Arizona Sinus Center strives to be the premiere source for ear, nose, throat, and advanced sinus care with a focus on patient education. Our physicians use the latest technology and medical therapy to diagnose and manage your ear, nose or throat condition. We take pride in constantly refining technical skills and continued learning in an effort to advance our field.

  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/physicians-arizona-head-neck-sinus-surgeon-phoenix.htm Our ENT Physicians, Otolaryngologist * Sinus Surgeons * Arizona Sinus Center - meet our ear nose and throat doctors of Arizona Sinus Center. Our physicians use the latest technology and medical therapy to diagnose and manage your ear, nose or throat condition. We take pride in constantly refining technical skills and continued learning in an effort to advance our field. Our goal is to educate patients about the disease process first.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/about-your-visit-head-neck-doctor-phoenix-az.htm About Your Visit * Arizona Sinus Center * Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona ENT Sinus Treatments - Professionalism, Precision, Pride. Knowing what to expect during your evaluation with us at Arizona Head, Neck and Facial Surgery and the Arizona Sinus Center will allow you to feel comfortable and confident throughout the visit.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/referring-physicians-arizona-head-neck-surgery-phoenix.htm For Referring Physicians * Arizona Sinus Center in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona - Information on referring your patients to Dr. Ryan Rehl and Dr. Timothy Haegen at the Arizona Sinus Center.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/appointments-contacts-arizona-head-neck-surgery-phoenix.htm Appointments & Contacts * Arizona Sinus Center * 1515 N. 9th Street Suite B Phoenix, AZ 85006 - Sinus ENT head & neck care appointments at otolaryngology medical offices, 1515 N. 9th Street, Suite B Phoenix, Arizona 85006 Located 2 blocks west of Banner University Medical Center Phoenix Good Sam Campus.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/md-timothy-haegen-arizona-head-neck-surgeon-phoenix.htm Timothy W. Haegen, MD * Otolaryngologist * ENT Physician * Arizona Sinus Center - Dr. Haegen is a board certified Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck Surgeon who joined the Arizona Sinus Center in 2011. He is experienced in treating adults and children with ear, nose and throat disorders and offers patients special expertise in treating complex nasal and sinus disorders.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/md-ryan-rehl-arizona-head-neck-surgeon-phoenix.htm Ryan Rehl, MD * Otolaryngologist * ENT Physician * Arizona Sinus Center - Dr. Rehl is a board certified Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck Surgeon who founded Arizona Sinus Center in 2007. He is the current President of the Arizona Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Rehl also serves as the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and is a course director and lecturer for Advanced Techniques in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (an annual four day seminar attended by practicing ENT physicians and residents from the United States and abroad).
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/forms-head-neck-sinus-doctor-phoenix-az.htm Patient Forms & Procedure Instructions * Education Materials * Arizona Sinus Center Sinus Doctors - Patient forms and procedure instructions patient education materials pre and post operative instructions visit preparation
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/what-is-an-otolaryngologist.htm What is a Rhinologist and Otolaryngologist ENT Doctor? * Arizona Sinus Center - An Otolaryngologist is a physician trained in the medical and surgical care of head and neck disorders. A Rhinologist is a physician who practices Rhinology, the medical science devoted to the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the nose and the paranasal sinuses.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/dr-rehls-10-tips-for-sinus-and-respiratory-health.htm Dr. Rehl's 10 TIPS for Sinus and Respiratory Health This Fall and Winter * Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona ENT Sinus Surgeons - The time of year is upon us when blistering heat and monsoon winds give way to peaceful sunny 75 degree days.  With the change of seasons come a multitude of challenges for the nose, sinuses and lungs.  Allergens, dust, air pollution, particulate matter in the air, changes in barometric pressure and respiratory viruses can all wreak havoc on our respiratory systems leading to nasal congestion, post nasal drainage, cough, wheezing, fatigue and eventually sinusitis and bronchitis.  The following 10 tips can help keep your nose, sinuses and lungs healthy this fall and winter.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/links-sleep-snoring-sinus-facial-surgery-phoenix-az.htm Helpful ENT and Sinus Otolaryngology Ear Nose & Throat Links * Arizona Sinus Center - Helpful educational ENT otolaryngology american academy of head and neck surgery links.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/condition-chronic-sinusitis-nasal-polyps.htm Chronic Sinusitis and Nasal Polyps | Phoenix Arizona Sinus Center - This is first and foremost a medical disease. The inflammation in the mucous membrane of most forms of chronic sinusitis is similar in nature to the inflammation that occurs in the airways of asthmatics.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/condition-nasal-sinus-tumors.htm Nasal and Sinus Tumors | Arizona Sinus Center, Phoenix Arizona - Nasal and Sinus tumors often present unique treatment challenges related to the complex and important anatomic structures surrounding the sinus cavities. State of the art technology and instruments are utilized by the physicians at Arizona Sinus Center to decrease post-operative healing times, improve functional outcomes and decrease complications.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/polypvac-removal-of-polyps.htm PolypVac In Office Removal of Nasal Polyp Removal * Arizona Sinus Center, Phoenix - At the Arizona Sinus Center, our nasal polyp experts are focused on accurate diagnosis and treatment of nasal polyposis and closely follow patient symptom outcomes long term. We are also intensely focused on prevention of recurrence of nasal polyps.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/condition-cerebrospinal-fluid-leaks.htm Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks | Arizona Sinus Center - Before we discuss treatment of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea and sinus/anterior skull base defects we will need to review some definitions.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/condition-nasal-congestion-obstruction.htm Nasal Congestion and Obstruction | Phoenix Arizona Sinus Center - Nasal congestion (obstructed nose or diminished airflow through the nose) is certainly uncomfortable but this can also lead to many dental and medical problems. The nose is the filter that cleans and conditions the air before it gets to our delicate lungs.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/arizona-sinus-center-rhinosinusitis-101.htm Rhinosinusitis 101 Arizona Sinus Center * What are the Sinuses? * Ethmoid Sinus * Frontal Sinus * Maxillary Sinus * Sinus Anatomy - Rhinosinusitis 101 * What are the Sinuses? The sinuses are air filled cavities in the skull. There are 4 sets of sinuses. The frontal sinuses lie above the eye and in front of the brain on each side. The ethmoid sinuses are a group of smaller air cells clustered between your eyes. The maxillary sinuses lie underneath each eye and the sphenoid sinuses lie in the center of your head, underneath the brain
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/services-treatments-arizona-sinus-sleep-phoenix.htm Arizona Sinus Center ENT Services and Procedures * Sinus Center * Head & Neck * Ear Disorders * Throat and Voice - Our center strives to be the premier source for ear, nose, throat, and advanced sinus care with a focus on patient education. Our physicians use the latest technology and medical therapy to diagnose and manage your ear, nose or throat condition.
  • http://www.arizonasinus.com/about-our-center-arizona-head-neck-surgery-phoenix.htm About Arizona Sinus Center * Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona ENT Sinus Surgeons - The Arizona Sinus Center was established in Phoenix in 2007. Our goal is simple: to be the Southwest's center of excellence dedicated to the care of nasal and sinus disorders. The dry climate and air quality in the Phoenix Valley have resulted in a large number of individuals suffering from chronic sinusitis.

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