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  • kunderlin - Exuviance evening restorative complex

    This is one of many great products made by Exuviance. I notice a difference in the feel of my skin from using their products. Have been using for two months and can not imagine not using these products. This one is no exception. I recommend to my friends who compliment my skin (at least once a day). People say my skin is radiant.

  • janeo - Splat hair dye worked for me!

    So I bleached hair to the yellow stage everyone says to do. I disagree. I say bleach it to almost white. However everones hair is different. If you have black hair then get it yellow then proceed. I then put my choice of toner on whole head. After that I pulled out a bottle of splat purple! Oh by the way I did NOT use their bleach kit in the box! It wont even be enough unless your doing a few sreaks. I use the blue stuff I cant remember the name of. And a 30 developer. My hair is a dark to med brown with auburn highlites naturaly. I hate it. Been a blonde forever, Lady Gaga came out so I decided to get freaky with my hair. Anyway this stuff really works. I left it on for an hour. On bleached hair it came out the color on the box. The unbleached hair (due to me using a cap) was a differnt color which I loved. To bad they dont make the color I accidently made. I was not doing all over head just streaks. SO It worked great. WARNING:The dye will get on everything. use old towels. Wash cloths etc. Wont stain sink. Have comet on hand. I applied this to my hair with my hands. WHy? I have no clue! Dumb Blonde? NO dumb woman! So yes I had deep purple hands for 3 days!!!!! But it came off. Takes a while for water to turn clear. wash it out and dont shampoo for a few days. Yuck I know. Hide in your bedroom from your husband and tell him you have the flu. I have hidden in my room for years, months on end with the flu various headaches and other ailments just to avoid this man! If you are a hopless romantic and happen to adore and love your husband please allow him entrance to the room. So hair tip and a husband tip! Good luck! Oh ladies, my God watch youtube and get a good shampoo and conditioner and take vitamins and lots of water to keep it healthy. What we eat and drink will decide the health of hair! Research research!

  • Amazon Customer - I am extremely happy with my purchase

    This vehicle is well worth the price! I am extremely happy with my purchase. It is definitely a vehicle made and equipped for adventure, so if you're looking for a family car this isn't the one for you. However, if you plan on traveling, driving off-road, or want a sporty vehicle that you can literally take anywhere, than this is for you!

  • Hans - Security Software Review

    The installation was easy and fast. It did not slow down the performance of the computer and the software is great to have to protect my computer from threats. Thanks McAfee!