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  • michelle - I love shredz and heres why. And i dont work for shredz

    I've been on shredz for four weeks. I got the 30 day weight loss program. I was very skeptical in the beginning because I gained weight in the first two weeks. I learned after talking to multiple trainers and nutrionest that this may happen that you gain weight in the beginning. That is only because you are gaining muscel which weighs more than fat. You need muscel to burn fat. I definitely love how much energy it gives you. The workouts through shredz are also amazing. I have currently loss 15 pounds. It's also easier wit shredz to figure out what kind of body you have. Once they help you figure that out they help you put together meal plans that will increase your chances of loosing weight. There is no quick way to loose weight. That being said perserverence and willingness will help you reach your goals. It is a tad pricey. I normally buy from the website they always have amazing deals. Even if the FDA does say a product is okay it will still have huge negative effects on you. Just because they say a product is safe it really isnt. Most of the food found in grocery stores and every where eles is just as bad for you as supplements. I did tons of reasearch and talked to many professionals about this product. It really helps to be educated on a product before writing a review. I've never has any of the terrible side effects that I've heard other people had. For the people that have had the terrible side effects I am so sorry but not every product is for everyone. This is a very potent weightloss products so just be reary of that. I hope this helps! Good luck to everyone who is trying to reach weightloss goals or just trying to live a healthy life style.

  • Kadee - This concealer works better for me that any others

    This concealer works better for me that any others, it works great for covering my dark circles. I've tried so many the last few years and this one is the best for me. It takes a little practice applying it, otherwise it can be tough to blend but I got this tip from Birchbox and it works great. If you "cook" your concealer. By "cooking" I mean after applying foundation, you use your ring finger and pat it on and leave it- don't blend just let it sit under eyes for 7-15 minutes while you do your hair or brows something. Then gently pat with ring finger until blended into the skin and I like to set mine with a blotting powder and then a fine all over dusting of Hello Flawless powder. and it looks great.

  • markvii - I've bought 8 copies for family and friends

    The People's Chemist has always been an excellent source for health information and products. No drug company bias here. Just intelligent recommendations from a reputable chemist (author Shane Ellison worked for a multinational pharmaceutical company, but became disenfranchised by their preoccupation with profit over concern for healing people). "Over-The-Counter Natural Cures" is full of helpful and actionable information (like "the $8.00 cure for deadly blood clots and poor cardiovascular function")(Hawthorne!). After reading each chapter, taking notes, buying the recommended products (not from The Peoples Chemist- each recommendation lists the manufactures name and information so you buy it locally on your own!) I bought more copies for each of my brothers and sisters! Later I heard my niece comment (after reading my sister's copy) that she wished she had received one too. I knew what to get my nieces and nephews for Christmas that year!

  • Amazon Customer - Great all natural fat burner

    I ordered this product for my father who was recently diagnosed with the early stages of diabetes and high blood pressure due to being overweight. From his testimony in the past 2 weeks he had noticed a loss of about 7 pounds and he has noticed a drop in appetite along with sustained energy. I also liked buying this product for my father as it has all natural ingredients and gives me peace of mind that he is taking a natural fat burner instead of all the junk out there. I would definitely reccomend this product for friends or family in the future