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  • Romeo Hawk - Average.

    No big deal. S/W manufacturing is boarder-lining the production and sale of moonshine. It is a robbery that you can't return things you opened and tried. Just like the movies and songs. And with all the agreements that S/W manufacturers are asking us to sign; it is extremely disgusting. The game is average; but, the fact that we can't return something we've tried and did not like; makes it a total waste of our finances. The core of a video game should be on how well the characters respond to the controls and how much fun the game is. The moment you put this game above the beginner level; you are going to lose; and it does not facilitate learning. Also, Xbox 360 nickels and dimes you every which way you turn; and they have too much control over whether you want to update your system or not. Of-course you can choose not to update; but, you won't be able to use the device. It's shameful.

  • Cheryl Bateman - Wired

    I've only taken it once, but it made me feel strange - somewhat wired. There is no way I would take it with the evening meal. It may work as advertised, but it's not for me. I'm going to cut the dosage in half and finish the bottle.

  • Thom B. - Rustolem's Restore it's horrible!

    This looks great when done but didn't even last through the winter. Rustoleum told me that they'd only refund purchases with receipts, won't refund labor costs that I incurred and will incur and refused to give me the phone number to their legal department. There has to be a lawyer out there who wants a nice fat settlement! Help us out! Don't buy this crap!

  • Sharon Morrissette - Very cool :)

    This is a pretty cool little tool. It works awesome. What a great idea. The case is pretty cool too, It keeps everything in place. Easy to carry around. It shipped fast and was packaged nicely. Nice quality as well. I'm definitely pleased with my Dermatique 5-piece Blackhead remover kit. They have a nice no slip grip on them. They are easy to hang on to and easy to use.

  • Tim Underwood - Locked in for a year, with penalties.

    Products are fine. But creative cloud contract is predatory. BEWARE. Adobe hides their two-month PENALTY fine if you cancel before a year is up. Who in the right mind would agree to that?! (It's in the tiny print no one reads.) And more, you have only a thirty-day window to cancel AFTER A YEAR, without penalties. Or you're automatically signed up for another year and will be penalized two month's fees ($99.98) if you try to leave early. What a nightmare.