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  • Maranatha - Peep for a princess

    Maxi-Cosi? I had never heard of them. Luckily, my wife had and convinced me to check out their car seats. She had decided she was ordering the Pria 70 for her car and after reading way too many online reviews of innumerable car seats, I decided I would too.

  • E. M. Johnson - Navien makes absolute JUNK

    I had a Navien CH 180 installed only six years ago. I have put in $3,000 into repairs- yes you read that right. Every repair tech that has been here has told me no one is installing them any longer as "we found out they make a ten year boiler". I cant tell you how many times this system has failed- heat won't come on, hot water fails, unit is leaking...and all these problems have happened twice at least. Navien makes absolute JUNK. Steer clear of this company completely. I am tearing this out this year before winter hits. I refuse to put another penny into this useless system.

  • SERINACLINE - This cream is amazing! The bottle it comes in is great too ...

    This cream is amazing! The bottle it comes in is great too and easy to use. The cream is easily absorbed and is non greasy feeling. I really like how my skin has improved since using this cream. I would recommend this cream to anyone who wants smoother better looking skin. I was provided this product at a discount for my fair and honest review.

  • TN mom - Good for basic tax returns.

    This software package seems to be adequate for today's tax returns. It does include the 1095A issue with ACA regs.