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Bebitos en Sutter Health - Las mujeres embarazadas y las madres recientes ahora pueden tener acceso a un sitio web destinado completamente al embarazo y al nacimiento, disponible en español. Los temas incluyen desde molestias durante el embarazo, crecimiento fetal, trabajo de parto y parto hasta orientación sobre la lactancia y los cuidados de los recién nacidos.

  • http://www.bebes.sutterhealth.org/delivering/ Dar a luz en Sutter Health - Learn more about the Sutter Health network of hospitals that provide maternity care.
  • http://www.bebes.sutterhealth.org/during/ Un embarazo saludable - información prenatal - This prenatal information is meant to help you learn about pregnancy and assist you with any decisions you will be making with your healthcare provider about your care.
  • http://www.bebes.sutterhealth.org/afterthebirth/newborn/ Su recién nacido - Your Newborn - the care providers at Sutter Health share your excitement in this great celebration.
  • http://www.bebes.sutterhealth.org/during/preg_month-guide.html Guia Mes a Mes Para La Mujer Embarazada - This month-by-month guide to pregnancy may help you plan for some of the changes that may occur.
  • http://www.bebes.sutterhealth.org/during/preg_discomforts.html Common Discomforts of Pregnancy - Shifts in hormonal levels and metabolism can contribute to various physical and emotional discomforts.
  • http://www.bebes.sutterhealth.org/laboranddelivery/ld_meds.html Medicamentos en el trabajo de parto - Medications in Labor - Pain relievers, regional anesthesia, local blocks, cesarean section medications, labor augmentation/induction, postpartum medications.

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  • Dale from Monterey - Don't Miss Out On What Others Obviously Have

    Let me start by saying I am not just a huge fan of this annually updated guide book, I am an example of someone who actually "used" it and has benefited greatly by doing so (in other words, I found the work I was meant to do and have been enjoying it now for over five years!).

  • salt of the earth - the science is correct, and it soaps up well, with one pump going a long way, but worried about all the chemicals in it.

    I have to say that it does make one's skin feel great upon first washing. It feels tingly and clean...and the science of the vitamin c is sound I suppose..the rosehip oil is a known skin treatment and thus should help with dryness as women have been using rosehip oil for over 100 years for just this purpose.

  • jenn - perfect for my needs (I'm not a runner!)

    Prologue: For the last two years, I've only worn Vibrams. Every day. Rain, snow, summer, whatever. Before I wore the vibrams, I was spraining my ankles every couple of months. Now, no sprains in over two years, despite the fact that my ligaments are still too loose and pop out of their groove every so often.