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Benicar HCT® Kidney Failure | BenicarHCTKidneyFailure.com™ - Benicar HCT linked to cases of kidney failure in users of the blood pressure medication. Learn more and find out how to get help by filing a lawsuit.

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  • racheal - Great ipad cover

    I purchased this ipad cover for my dad, and he said it works great. It was easy to put on his ipad, and fit perfectly.

  • Sisse - Great product

    So far I have used it for several projects, i.e., arts and crafts, repair of a broken wood support on my cafe style patio umbrella. It is by far the best adhesive I have ever bought. The price was just a bit highter than what Home Depot offers for only a 2 ounce bottle.

  • Alan L. Blair - This product is a joke just like a snake oil salesman

    If I could give this a negative star I wouldn't hesitate to give it a negative 5. If you want to get wet then buy this product. The female coupling on the container does not seat well with the male hose and you will get more water on you then on your grass. This product is a joke just like a snake oil salesman. This is the worst product I have ever purchased in my life of 65 years so take that to the bank. So if you buy it just remember...I told you so.

  • pamela - do not buy

    No good no channels. This &%ame thing crashed my computer too. I had so many unknown popups until it completely stopped my laptop. Because of this rabbit TV; l know longer have have a computer. Sound good is not good

  • Golly Gee - Semi-informative, completely compelling

    While the first 56 pages offered great detail on the symbiotic relationship between the outlook for wooden toilet seats and the price of rice in China, I was disappointed to find the authors completely neglected to take this cogent argument to the next obvious iteration: pandas. Yes, not one mention of the overarching impact of the Great Panda's increased presence in Chins and the availability:demand ratios in the regions adjacent to the Panda Preserves. Of course, if this area isn't in your investment portfolio, this book is 100% on target.

  • Jake Thueson - fit just fine in my 1995 GMC K1500 5

    fit just fine in my 1995 GMC K1500 5.7L V8 w/ automatic transmission. comes with ports and adapters for the transmission cooler lines as well as ports for oil cooler lines. my truck doesn't have an engine oil cooler, but it doesn't matter...this radiator works just fine if you just leave the engine oil cooler ports capped the way in comes in the box.