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Bessis Luxury Suites - Aenean scelerisque condimentum libero rutrum ultricies. Praesent dignissim nisl et dui porttitor sed ultrices mi pellentesque. Nam laoreet, nulla lobo...

  • http://www.bessis-luxury-suite.de/index.php/de/component/k2/item/99-suite-president Bessis Luxury Suites - Heidelberg hautnah erleben: aus der Suite Président über den Dächern Heidelbergs mit traumhaftem Ausblick auf das historische Schloss
  • http://www.bessis-luxury-suite.de/index.php/de/component/k2/item/40-suite-2nd-floor Bessis Luxury Suites - Unsere Suiten lassen keine Wünsche übrig - und das mit direktem Blick auf den Neckar

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    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • N. Orlovsky - First Choice for Understanding How to Heal Autoimmunes and Food Allergies!

    If I had to chose 1 book for understanding my body better and how to heal my autoimmune diseases (of which I have MANY) and gluten issues, this would be it! Although it is not yet easily available in the US, I would recommend hunting it down. It would be really nice if Amazon started carrying it, as I know numerous people who are trying to get copies of this book (published in the UK). HINT HINT HINT

  • lisa mclean - It really works!

    This stuff really works! I couldn't believe how quick I started seeing results. I've only been using it for about a month and my hair has thickened up alot! Before, I couldn't wear my hair in a ponytail without my scalp showing and now you can't see my scalp at all when I pull my hair back! I'm sold! My hairdresser recommended it and It's a great product.

  • sherbear - This stuff is amazing, but you have to be diligent

    We have used this in our personal home, I am a property manager and have brought these nasty "hitch hikers" home a few times. This stuff is amazing, but you have to be diligent. Plus they have great customer service if you have questions. The big thing is being diligent. You can't just spray it and hope everything goes away. You have to spray and vacuum, and spray and vacuum. Use the powder in all wall openings (outlets, switches, cable/internet hookups), spray and seal your mattresses. You have to repeat weekly for several weeks. This product is much less expensive than exterminators and works better than the stuff they have. It has no odor, and has never stained anything.

  • tom451 - Touch display too hard to use, battery stuck, etc

    It makes interesting sounds when functions on and off, but I have found the K2 unusable. From the start, I had trouble with the touch alarm button being so small compared to my ability to see it and touch it precisely in the morning. Why they didn't make the whole touch area sensitive to Turning off the alarm is a question. Why would you want to pair BT when the alarm is going off in the morning, for example. Snooze has its own touch bar. The display became dimmer over a year period compared to a second one I bought as a gift. The battery was an unnecessary extra for me, but it won't eject from the unit, anyway. The powered ejection failed early. Use the pinhole battery eject on the bottom of the unit with a paperclip. I used to charge my phone using the unit. But really, the power strip has USB plugs, so now I just use my phone to wake me up while it is plugged in and charging. The android clock on my phone has larger areas to touch and the app's display points to where to touch with a video. No problem even for blurry eyes and no glasses. Should have returned them to Costco. Now I will donate them. Maybe a child will use it to play music. I keep a phone charger in my backpack that contains 4 AA cells. All convenience stores in Japan sell these cheap.

  • Kristy Jones - Just what I had hoped for

    An absolute must buy if you have wanted a Yeti style cup but not the ridiculous high price. Keeps ice and beverage very gold all day. During the week I fill it with ice water in the morning and when I return from work my ice water is waiting and even colder than when I left it. Can't say anything negative. A must purchase!!!

  • Ken Stone - A great tool at a great price

    This is a very well built unit that did a wonderful job cutting over a dozen holes in my lath and plaster ceiling for 6" recessed lights. The plastic "reservoir" does a great job keeping debris from raining down on you while cutting. The bits are very sharp so be careful. Well worth the money!