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Healthcare Technology Solutions by BioIQ - BioIQ is a healthcare technology company that seamlessly connects people to health testing solutions through its configurable SaaS platform.

  • http://www.bioiq.com/solutions/health-plans-hospitals-and-acos/ BioIQ for Health Plans, Hospitals and ACOs - Simplify the HEDIS compliance process. Enhance member engagement. Close care gaps. Improve quality.
  • http://www.bioiq.com/solutions/employers/ BioIQ for Employers - Measurably improve employee health. Increase engagement. Reduce healthcare costs.
  • http://www.bioiq.com/solutions/marketplace-partners/ BioIQ for Marketplace Partners - Changing the healthcare landscape with smart technology and a robust partner ecosystem.
  • http://www.bioiq.com/about-us/ BioIQ- The Platform for Population Health Measurement - BioIQ enables organizations to launch effective population health measurement programs and empowers individuals to take action to improve their health.
  • http://www.bioiq.com/careers/ Start your career at BioIQ. Come join us, it's fun here! - Thousands of organizations and millions of people have benefitted from BioIQ’s health improvement technology. Want to help?
  • http://www.bioiq.com/eight-ways-healthcare-organizations-can-bolster-cyber-security/ Eight Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Bolster Cybersecurity - BioIQ - As threats to the breach of healthcare information continue to grow, organizations must improve their defenses and make it harder for hackers to succeed.

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  • Amazon Customer - Printmaster 2012

    Did not work as well and easily as I thought it would.have given up on it.I wouldn't recommend it. Please check more such products before buying it.

  • Marcella - Container is a little annoying, product is good

    Good shea butter - feels like it's actually unrefined, and managed to keep some of that buttery yellow colour I've come to expect. The container is really super cheap, but it is sealed with an airtight foil top, which is nice. It's a plastic container that's a bit hard to get the actual product out of - especially since mine had sat in cooler weather for a few days, and was rock hard. My solution - boil some water, stick a knife in, let it heat. Dry it really well, then cut out chunks of the shea butter to use.

  • aobryan2 - Did not like

    I was so excited to take these pills! However...they didn't do anything for me and I experianced terrible side effects. I did exactly what the bottle said. Start with 1 pill 2x daily for a week, then next week 2 pills 2x daily, and so forth. Well lets just throw out there like I felt like complete crap EVERYDAY. I even stopped taking the pills for 2 days to see if I felt better and I did. I would have a migraine all day. My body felt wired all the time, so I was always wanting to do stuff, which would be a good thing..however I always felt nauseated alot. I do not have high blood pressure but when I was on these pills my blood pressure skyrocketed. One day I checked my blood pressure(im a nurse so i have my own blood pressure machine) and it was 160/100. That is WAY to high. I finished the bottle though. I didn't lose any weight. I didn't put any on either. I even stuck to a 1200 calorie diet. I felt like i looked bloated all the time, and after i finished the bottle i didn't look bloated anymore...which seems odd. I would not recommend theses pills EVER! Try something else.