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  • Robert Bednar - Spraying entire concrete floor only produced minimal results.

    I used 7 gallons on a bare concrete slab floor throughout a condo because I could not determine where the animal smells came from. Some of the smell was dissipated, but not all. I also followed up with a bleach wash, and that dissipated additional smell, but still not all. I'm now going to get on my hands and knees and SMELL the entire floor --- because a blacklight didn't help --- to find where the remaining urine odor is coming from and use my LAST gallon of UrineOff to try and eliminate it. If that doesn't work, I'm left with sealing the entire concrete floor before carpeting. I CANNOT allow any smell to remain. Perhaps by spraying over the entire floor didn't provide enough cement penetration. I think UrineOff would be best if one can identify the exact urine spots and SOAK the cement at those particular spots. My efforts didn't get satisfactory results.

  • Mommy to 2 - Great for small spaces

    This chair is awesome. I had originally bought one for my older child and loved it so much that when I had my second child I bought another. Since we have a smaller kitchen it is perfect for both kids.

  • Silvia J. Hart - Very Helpful

    I have not read the whole book. I only use it whenever I have a question on how to proceed. It is very easy to understand and provides all the information I need.

  • Yisroel Luss - they have not lost a beat!

    awesome!! honestly they sound better then they ever have and they always have sounded great! buy this you wont regret it.