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  • Striving for Fair & Balanced - Humidity not accurate. LCD quit functioning 2 days into it

    I need to keep my humidity levels good since I just adopted a parrot, so I bought this to use as a hygrometer to measure the humidity in our house. I did a salt test to make sure it's accurate, since I've always been taught you must calibrate hygrometers. The salt test consists of putting salt in a bottlecap about 3/4 full, pouring in enough water to moisten the salt but not enough to have standing water and then enclosing the bottlecap with the salt mixture in a sandwich sized ziplock bag along with the hygrometer, seal it up and let it sit for 24 hours. It should read 75%. I expected a variance of 2 or 3%, however, it came up as 86%. I retested the next day using a different ziplock bag and got 81%! It should've been the same. I was going to calibrate it by subtracting 6 degrees, but low & behold, it can't be calibrated. So then I decided to put a sticky note on it reminding me to subract 6% from the reading. So three days after receiving it, I sit it out in my living room hoping to have a reading by the time I get home from work, only to get home and see that only 1/2 the LED display is working. I changed the battery and same result.

  • Frank Stepanski - Great Way to Learn C# 2010

    There are lots of new things in C# 2010 and .NET 4.0 and this is a great book for existing .NET developers to get up to speed on the new features of .NET and for developers to use as a great reference on many issues that may come up.

  • P. Huddleson - Intense!

    What a ride! This is one intense series, but be forewarned, it does get disturbingly violent at times. This well-acted drama has a complicated storyline that is compelling and hard not to "binge-watch". That said, my streaming quality is not good. My video feed keeps freezing several times during each viewing, whether morning, noon or night, and I have to go back to the Amazon start-up and go all through the initial steps each time before I can "resume play". I have called my cable company with whom I also have my internet service, they have thoroughly looked at my internet feed, and my speed is excellent. I've had problems with other Amazon Prime shows as well.

  • mstargirl - Really works to give you long hair

    I was starting to lose hair on one side of my head. Viviscal has helped to stop the hair loss. Plus I have much longer, healthier hair than before.