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  • Doug G. - You have to spend 20 min. on the phone with Intuit to get them to link it to your existing account . . . works well after that

    If you are purchasing this product to renew an existing or expired Enhanced Payroll subscription be advised you need to spend 20 minutes or more on the telephone with Intuit Payroll to get them to link the product into your Quickbooks account. I purchased this on Amazon because it is less expensive here than purchasing directly from Intuit, but if I had know it would require time on the phone with Intuit I would have just paid Intuit their higher fee and been done with it.

  • pingtori - My miracle product(s)

    I've been holding off on writing this review because I was positive my face would adjust to the Acne.org Regmin and would go back to the way it was, if not worse, when I started using these products.

  • sara - One Star

    Smells good but didn't notice any results and the container does not look like the picture advertised.

  • Terrie B - Jury is still out if these work

    I use these because I seem to get UTI's often so I am hoping they work. I will update my review to see if they are actually working as I see my doctor next week.

  • Harp girl - I like the system

    I've only had this a couple a days. First I want to say that this company sent it REALLY fast. I ordered on a Thursday and got it on a Monday. They also got me a different color compressor, (they said they would try but were not promising).