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THE Complementary Cancer Charity | CANCERactive - Welcome to CANCERactive - the UK´s number 1 Complementary Cancer Charity. More information on more cancer options to give you more personal choice.

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  • Thom - Avast Security

    Have been using this software for about 5 years now. I like that it updates at least once a day and some times more. It is very quick and does not slow my internet by much when updating. You can also set when you want it to scan you computer so as not to interrupt with the times you are on the internet. It will sometimes give you a false warning when downloading a new program. If you know the program is good, it will let you by pass the warning. My whole family uses this program on their computers. I would recommend this software to anyone using the internet.

  • S_Allen - Great for Trips

    We were going to World's and Ocena's of Fun. I got these so we didn't have to worry about phones getting wet and didn't have to worry as much about them getting lost. They were great, my phone was under water several times and didn't get any water on it at all. I could take pictures with it inside the bag. We kept getting asked where we got them. I think people were hoping the park was selling them. That would be a great idea actually. You can talk and text too but texting is more of a challenge and sometimes it's hard to understand people when talking.

  • B. Pilibosian - JUNK

    We tested this unit prior to putting it to use in my shop and it failed miserably. It should register 1 or 2 lights meaning good, 3 or 4 meaning bad. We tested it with old dirty brake fluid and 4 lights lit up meaning it was bad.....then we tested brand new brake fluid that we opened just for the test and 3 lights lit up meaning it was also bad. We opened another new bottle of brake fluid and 3 more lights. Straight water gave us 4 lights. We read and followed the directions before use. Now I get to see how good Amazon is about returns.

  • M. Velikovsky - Cool transformation, looks like granite!

    After reading about this product and seeing other people's results in Pinterest, I was still a little bit skeptical. It is a messy process (you keep finding chips everywhere for days), but I liked that it allowed you to make touch ups and fix mistakes easily. We used a brush first to apply the top coat and a roll to make it smooth, so we didn't see the brush strokes. I must say I am thrilled to look at my new countertop. I chose the dessert sand and it looks like granite! I have been using it fully for a week now and it's great. If you follow the directions provided, it works as advertised. I highly recommend this product!

  • smash - Incredible shampoo and natural ingredients work wonders!

    This shampoo is by far the best I've ever used on my dogs. I adopted a new family member recently and decided yet again to try another shampoo. Wow! It smells great (very subtle and really put a shine on my older dog's coat and younger adopted dog and the fur on my older dog is softer than ever before with her scratching much less)! And despite the small sized bottle, you really do have to use very little. I will definitely be purchasing this many times over.

  • Amazon Customer - Great highly recommend

    It looks brand spanking new and it said had scratches if it did not noticeable at all and looks amazing I also love that they added 2 double a batteries that really helps !!