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  • momofthree - Made my hair soft, but heavy

    My reason for 4 stars will not be because of packaging. I received this item in a brown envelope and the conditioner spilled all over. The box was soggy. I was surprised because I have purchased many other Keeva products and all have shipped perfectly. Other than that, I did like the product, but I felt like it left my hair feeling heavy. My hair did feel soft and smelled great. Maybe I have not used it enough, but those were the results of the first use. I will update my review after I try it a couple more times. I did receive this item for free for an honest review and it is honest. Thanks for reading.

  • Amazon Customer - Love it

    Love the tight turning radius. Although you hear road noise with the soft top it is nowhere as bad as other people report.

  • Aurora - Good product

    I've been using this product for a few years. I buy the Rogaine brand. It's been working pretty good. Why switch to something else! But that's for me. If you're using other minoxidil brands and works for you that's great. The results: interestingly it works in front and mid section just as good as vertex. After the initial shedding, my hair loss completely stopped. The thinning area has been improving. My hair is thicker. I noticed changes after 4-6 months of use. You have to give it time. No scalp itching at all. After a year or so my hairline gradually improved. I use it once a day in the evening. I am used to it. It's like brushing teeth. I use Nizoral AD shampo twice a week. About six months ago I added the big 3 & purad'or shampoos. I rotate the shampoos. I haven't noticed big changes. All seem to be working together nicely. I hope you find this review helpful.

  • brenda - Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    I have mice in the back yard that I cannot seem to get rid of no matter what I do so I decided to give this a try. The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller by Gold Brands was easy to use. All you had to do was plug it in and the light came on. It did not affect my dogs when they are playing in the back yard. I am not exactly sure how well it works, but I have not seen any mice lately.

  • Standpipe - Excellent monitor by Acer

    Excellent value for money. I suspect this to be one of the best choices of monitors in the category. I am very satisfied with it's performance and have found no evidence of leaks around the perimeter (as a review I had read might have suggested). Picture image is absolutely steady and color and detail are vivid and sharp. The frame around the image is arguably the thinnest in its category. This is a big plus when it comes to long sessions of work. Also, it would be a plus when using multiple monitors. As I expected, there is a relatively wide viewing angle from any direction - so there is little need to adjust the stand constantly. Again, during long sessions of work I change my angle and height of viewing quite a bit, the wide viewing angle is much more comfortable in such cases. One small issue I have noticed while testing is that I would have preferred a height adjustment on the stand. My preferred viewing height would have been about an inch shorter than the fixed 4.5 inch height (bottom of image to desktop). Sometimes I have to place the monitor on a standard tabletop at work, which is particularly where this need becomes apparent. I thought of mentioning this only for the manufacturers, but it is not really a big problem since I am quite accustomed to it even at this time, three weeks after putting the monitor into use. Since I use this monitor with a new build, its generic drivers were installed by Windows during assembly. However, I replaced these with the Acer drivers. Regardless of how impressed I was with this monitor, I have to state that although I have been a computer builder and business user/enthusiast for many years, I have not been able to figure out how to use the physical buttons on the monitor to tweak its settings - I gave up and used the Windows Control Panel instead. The monitor comes well tuned and does not need much or any tweaking out of the box. Overall, I think most customers would be entirely satisfied with buy and I recommend it highly.

  • tonkie - Great for winterized campers

    Previously when we opened our camper in the spring after sitting during the winter, it would have a strong musty smell. I put 2 of the 4 lb. tubs in the camper, one at each end before we closed it up for the winter. This spring it had no odor whatsoever. Damp Rid lived up to it's name.

  • Amazon Customer - sooooooo sad because i love the idea and look of this ...

    sooooooo sad because i love the idea and look of this case, however the case itself is ..peeling. its like little pieces are falling off and shedding. its so sad. Also my white case is now brown. It looks disgusting. i want to return it but i just love the lights and how well the lights work. but i have little white pieces of this case literally falling off, and its like it absorbs color of everything it touches. i really don't want to have to get rid of it. i think a black case wouldbe been more ideal.