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Young Adults Addiction Rehab Centers - Adult Drug Treatment - Arizona - Young Adults Drug Addiction Rehab Center Arizona. The Claudia Black Treatment Center specializes in recovery programs for young adults. Contact (855) 333-6075 Today!

  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about Alcohol Abuse Symptoms in Young Adults Arizona - Claudia Black Rehab Center - We diagnosis Alcohol Abuse Symptoms in Young Adults at our Arizona Center & provide better treatment to persons that suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/meet-claudia-black-phd Claudia Black, Ph.D. - Claudia Black, Ph.D., is internationally recognized for her pioneering and cutting edge work with family systems and addictive disorders.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/why-the-claudia-black-young-adult-center Claudia Black Young Adult Center - Claudia Black Inpatient Few Day Program Focuses On Therapy Prevention To Support Patients Overcoming Drug Addictions. Contact Us Today.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/why-the-claudia-black-young-adult-center/healing-the-family Addiction In The Family - Family involvement in the recovery process is crucial, so we devote set times for family visits with lectures and workshops. Learn more here.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/why-the-claudia-black-young-adult-center/trusted-by-professionals Inpatient Young Adult Treatment - Our treatment program was designed by experts in their respective fields. Learn more about admitting a patient.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/why-the-claudia-black-young-adult-center/patient-focused-recovery Patient-Focused Recovery - Our patient focused recovery program explores the underlying issues and understand the specific needs of young adults. Learn more here.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/tour-the-claudia-black-young-adult-center Young Adult Inpatient Treatment - Learn more about the Claudia Black Young Adult Center's spectacular Sonoran Desert campus.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy Therapy For Young Adults - Our experiential therapy helps patients recognize negative emotions that trigger compulsive behaviors, allowing for long lasting recovery.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/12-step-model 12-Step Model Treatment - The Claudia Black Center utilizes twelve-step meetings for young adults with addiction issues or dual diagnosis to prevent relapse.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/emdr EMDR Therapy - The Claudia Black Young Adult Center utilizes state of the art methodologies to treat unresolved emotional trauma. Learn more here.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/equine-therapy Equine Therapy - Our innovative equine therapy program teaches patients to move past barriers in their own relationships with family and friends. Learn more.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/experiential-therapy Experiential Therapy - Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga and acupuncture therapies help young adults overcome trauma and promote wellness. Learn more about our program.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/expressive-arts-therapy Expressive Arts Therapy - Expressive arts therapy is an effective component in the recovery process that empowers patients with their own unique voice. Learn more.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/family-week-program Family Week Program - Family members and significant others are invited on campus to actively participate in their loved one’s recovery process. Learn more here.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/life-skills Life Skills For Young Adults - We teach young adults key life skills so they can become more successful in their lives. Learn more about our innovative treatment program.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/meadows-model The Meadows Model - At the Claudia Black Young Adult Center, we utilize The Meadows Model for effective, long-lasting treatment and recovery.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/neurofeedback Young Adult Treatment - Neurofeedback addresses problems of brain dysregulation, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, behavior disorders, and addictive disorders.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/nutritional-consultation Nutritional Consultation - Through nutrition we improve one’s overall well being, minimize stress and increase their spiritual consciousness. Learn more on our website.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/small-group-sessions Addiction Treatments - Patients alleviate shame by creating connections and improving self-awareness during small group sessions. Read more here.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/spirituality-counseling Spirituality Counseling - Spirituality counseling is healing from addictions and trauma that addresses the mind, body and spirit. Learn more here.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/somatic-experiencing Somatic Experiencing - Somatic Experiencing is a unique, body-oriented therapeutic tool used to treat PTSD and other trauma related disorders. Learn more here.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/types-of-therapy/wellness-holistic-program Holistic Treatment Program - Wellness refers to a balanced, moderate lifestyle incorporating spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth. Learn more.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/our-team/senior-fellows Claudia Black - This outstanding group of leaders, teachers and thinkers currently includes the top young adult addiction and mental health professionals.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/faq Inpatient Treatment for Young Adults - Our treatment program helps young adults cope with their problems by addressing the core issues behind addictions and behavioral problems.
  • https://www.claudiablackcenter.com/about/careers Young Adult Addiction Counseling - Information on available employment opportunities with the Claudia Black Young Adult Center

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