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  • Joyce E. Kelley - The first thing we both noticed was how sturdy the chair is

    We have only had the chair two weeks. My husband was thrilled to see it came assembled out of the box. The first thing we both noticed was how sturdy the chair is. It looks good and folds for storage. Everything about the chair is quality workmanship. A DVD came with the chair. I was surprised how good the workout actually was. It is easy to do and the instructions for each exercise are excellent. Today, I started the strength training part of the video. I got through the whole segment...and I am sure I will feel it tomorrow. I ordered the rider and the shoulder exerciser and they came yesterday. Excellent additions. We are 61 and sadly to say in poor physical shape. We want to change that. This seems ideal for us. I have ordered the three extra DVD's to go along with it so we will have everything we need to get in better shape so we will feel better when we retire and start to travel. It is time to take care of our health now. I like this chair because it takes the guess work out of wondering if you are doing the exercises correctly in good form. This chair guarantees you are. Also, the beginning video talks you through each exercise and is easy to follow. I really, really like it. You know you have worked out by the end of the video. My husband loves it too. We are very happy we invested in this chair and the accessories. One thing though, there is no video I can find for shoulder exercises. Have no idea what to do with the Freedom Flex Shoulder Stretcher Attachment. I'll try to find information on line. I am glad we bought it...but wish exercises came with it. We are pleased and would recommend this chair to others.

  • Terilynne - Really impressive for cold drinks!

    I don't usually buy into claims like this...and these are not cheap...but if you want a tumbler to keep your drink cold for a LONG time, these things are incredible! We put ice water in one at 4:00 pm on one day, consumed and refilled it several times throughout the day/night and it still had a good amount of ice in it at 8:00 am the next morning. Ice cold drinks the whole time. I don't generally consume my drinks quickly and have to add ice to them. Not the case with this mug. I didn't have the watered down flavor I normally have by about halfway through the drink any my husband refilled without adding any additional ice.

  • Mindset - Unhappy customer

    Don't waste your money. I've been using Idol Lash faithfully for about four and a half months with absolutely no results. I used another more expensive product a few years ago by Jan Marini that was fantastic. This time I was trying to save a few bucks... I guess it's true that you get what you pay for.

  • Zactivix - Good range, comfort, & overall value. Mediocre sound quality.

    As noted in other posts, the buds come in a nice package. It was great for them to include a charger cord with both Android (used to charge the buds) and iPhone plugs. They look stylish. Main operation is easy - the right earbud logo is a button used to play/pause and turns off with a longer hold. Whenever I use the volume rocker it requires too deep of a press that can move the earbud out of place. The sound quality is acceptable, but leaves much to be desired. The bass bottoms out and doesn't sound as rich or full as I'd like. Phone conversations are clear and my voice is received well. For $40, this is a good value, however I just wish it had a bit more punch and richness for a better music listening experience.

  • M. Griffith - Fastest water filter out there!

    This is the best filter I have used. Not the lightest (for that Sawyer wins) but in terms of the easiest and fastest this winds hands down. Just pour in water to the fill line, insert the inner part with filter on the bottom, push down and clean water is inside ready to drink. Much much faster than a pump. Love it.

  • Socal Hop Head - Macgyver

    Ripped through the front pocket of my dockers and broke two of my toes in the process. Not recommended for daily carry. I still haven't figured out how to use the fork and knife at the same time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.