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Condello Graphics - LOcated in Easton, Pennsylvania, I have over 20 years of experience in corporate communications and graphic design, with an emphasis on visual design for both print and web media, and have contributed to the strategies and development of the creative process in many different industries that includes utility, telecommunications, healthcare, real estate, home improvement and most recently pharmacuetical and medical for a local marketing company.

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  • Cathy Kronyak - she said it was easy to get started and set up even for an ...

    this was a gift for my 79 year old mother. she loves it. she said it was easy to get started and set up even for an old woman like her.

  • Jonathan - This is a great modifier for the money

    This is a great modifier for the money. Awesome quality of light and the setup / tear down isn't too bad.

  • Christianne P. Erwin - Once you go black ... you'll never go back !

    One little crumb heated up long enough will turn black on those silver pans. I had some black trim on my white stove with the black interface where my settings were and the smoky black glass panel on front of the oven, so I said "lets try it". Sure enough they fit in like a glove and I wont have to spend hours trying to scrub out every little imperfection every week. I TOTALLY recommend these pans to anyone who wants to spend more time cooking on their range top over scrubbing the pans. Love them ! I'll NEVER get silver pans again.

  • Bethesda17 - Are you kidding me? No product key?

    The product was shipped without a product key. The key is generally on the box. Item shipped without the original box, just the CD holder. Short of that, the program is useless. Won't load. Hard to comprehend how a company selling software could ship this without this very most basic bit of information. If it cannot be provided I'm returning the product. It's like selling water without the bottle, or at least a cup. Amazingly bad practice.

  • D. Rodriguez - It's working great!

    I had used the Fleabusters service over 20 years ago where they have to come and apply their formula themselves and it worked great back then, but I had forgotten all about it. Then, earlier this year a little 10 pound dog decided to come and live with me, and I was hesitating to put the chemical treatment directly on her skin, especially because of her size. Suddenly I remembered Fleabusters and found out that they had the powder that you can apply yourself, and gave it a try. I thought maybe that it wouldn't work if I applied it myself, but I was very wrong. I bought a $9 push broom and a painter's mask, spent about 45 minutes to put the powder down in the one carpeted room that I have. My dog goes to the beach and doggy day care, so she's all around fleas. Before I put the powder down, I bought a flea comb and found quite a bit of flea dirt (excrement) and about 35 fleas. Then the powder came, so I took her to day care for the day (as the dog should not be there when you put it down because the powder is fine). That was about a month ago, and the fleas have been gone for about 10 days. I still use the flea comb every time she goes to day care just to get rid of the fleas that might have come home with her, but now there is no flea dirt, and I might find 1 flea when she's around a lot of fleas. But the house is flea-free! And with the help of the flea comb, the dog is flea-free! My flea problem is gone! When I used Fleabusters 20 years ago, it was still working 2 years later. I have high hopes for the powder, too.

  • Rosemary Thornton - Oh swell, when the world ends, we're gonna save *all* the politicians.

    So, when the world ends, it's the politicians and bureaucrats that we're gonna save, and the writers and the artists and the spiritual leaders are left behind to deal with the apocalypse. That was the most depressing element of the movie. What will the world look like if we only save the "important people" in Washington? Heaven help us. Seriously. If the future world is to be populated with the slimy-dog politicians and their ilk, I think I'll take my chances with eternal life, thank you very much.

  • Megan23 - Love this dog house!

    First of all... this dog house arrived very quickly and I was very impressed with the quality of packing and how easy it was to put it together. It took some getting used to but my puppy now loves it! We put his toys and some times food in there so he can keep them dry if it starts to rain. It is also nice shade for the summer time. We have had some heavy rain and the inside stays completely dry! I never leave my pup out for long periods of time, but it is nice for him to have some where dry and shaded to play when he is outside. Highly recommend this.