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PARENTS, TEACHERS, STUDENTS, CHILDREN: What is Convergence Insufficiency Disorder? Eyestrain with reading or close work, blurred vision, blurry eyesight, exophoria, double vision, problems with near vision or seeing up close, headaches, exophoric. - What is Convergence Insufficiency? Leading cause of eyestrain (especially with reading), blurry vision, double vision, near vision probems, headaches, exophoria.

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  • Kindle Customer - If you have any nicks that are missing stain this will not stain the wood back to walnut at all but it blends the worn finish ni

    Not a miracle transformation on my beat up mid century pieces but definitely an improvement. If you have any nicks that are missing stain this will not stain the wood back to walnut at all but it blends the worn finish nicely.

  • Vera Appleyard - The Niacin You Are supposed to Take

    This is the right niacin if you are trying to lower bad cholesterol. Apparently the flush-free stuff does not have the same impact. I found this out after buying a bunch of the other. Toss them and got this. Now the flushing is INTENSE. I turn bright red. I did some research and found a simple fix - 1000 mg of quercetin and hour before taking the niacin. The flushing is much less intense and it allows you to get used to the dose while initially taking it. Some people do an aspirin but that didn't really help me much.

  • evotech - Good case

    Good case too bad the phone was recalled. I need to get a refund on it considering I no longer have the phone but no response from Spigen on the refund request.

  • Cheryl - Bad boy with a good heart ❤

    Another great book brought to us by Willow and Lauren. Elizabeth is back in her hometown to bury her stepfather she's devastated she'd been unaware of his illness he didn't want her worrying, at his funeral she notices a handsome stranger who she finds out is Liam he's been her stepfather's neighbour for a while, it was her stepfather's house she assumes he must gave been renting it to Liam but soon discovers at the reading of the will that not only does he own the property he's been left everything apart from the family home, Elizabeth is angry and blames Liam he tells her he doesn't want a thing and that he'll sign it all over to her on the condition that she goes on one date with him she agrees that's when she discovers there's soo much more to Liam that she initially thought. She begins seeing him infact she finds herself falling for him, Liam has never lied to her but he's been hiding things from her mostly about the business he and his family run the business where he came to know her stepfather it's through this business Elizabeth's life is put in danger but Liam sees Elizabeth as his now and nobody is going take or hurt what belongs to him. This book was amazing Liam is the perfect book boyfriend a bad boy with a good heart, it would be great to read more about his brother and his cousin they are perfect bad boy candidates.

  • Amber Chewakin - These are DELICIOUS

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