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  • Robert F. DeVellis - I have to confess to being disappointed with some of Amazon's original video content

    I have to confess to being disappointed with some of Amazon's original video content. Why, I've often wondered, can Netflix get so many right while Amazon seemingly can't. Well, Goliath changed all that. This is truly a top-notch program. The writing and acting are both excellent. While the basic premise (a former member of a prestigious law firm taking on his old partner to fight for the "little guy") isn't novel, it's executed with such skill that it doesn't seem the least bit stale or overly familiar. The characters, for the most part, are well rounded and nicely nuanced. William Hurt's character (the evil partner of the firm) is pretty unidimensional but I think that's intentional. He's the foil in all of this. Certainly hes portrayed skillfully by Mr. Hurt. Thornton brings his troubled and not necessarily sympathetic character to life and I grew to like him despite his many flaws. He's not someone you'd want to show up at the family reunion but is someone you'd want fighting for you if you were in a tight spot. In many ways, the plot is filled with stereotypes (the female executive who is tougher than any of her male counterparts and then turns out to be gay; the hooker with a heart of gold; the bumbling, obese office assistant who turns out to be surprisingly talented and insightful; and others) but somehow, that doesn't detract in the least. Virtually every character is smart and competent. Even when our first impression isn't positive, they earn our respect. That's what makes what would otherwise have been quotidian characters far more interesting and sympathetic. We're drawn into their lives and want to know more about them. In addition to all of this character development, there's an exciting story and quest for justice at the heart of Goliath. It all makes for a very satisfying viewing experience.

  • Not a wink - UP ALL NIGHT!!!

    this product DID NOT help me sleep one bit. It didn't even make me a little drowsy or even slightly sleepy. Don't waste your money. I thought it would be helpful because I know NyQuil always helped my fall asleep when I had a cold, but ZzzQuil does not have the same effect at all. In fact i still stayed up all night. don't bother wasting your money to try this, trust me you'll regret it, I am so disappointed.

  • Stava - Amazing!!!!

    They are finally back with another great album! I have waited a long time for this and I am not disappointed at all, all the tracks are great. I love Reverend and have been playing it on a loop. Caleb's voice sounds better than ever and I just love how the band has evolved as they have gotten older!!! Well done KOL!!! Love you guys and can't wait for the tour!!!!

  • ridavila - Excellent and very helpful book.

    Excellent book, Straight to the point. Great help at the time of managing performance. I used it from a friend but decided to buy my own one.