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  • Ryan Lee Brookhart - Could quite possibly be my “Final” mouse.

    So I am writing a review about a mouse. Yes, a mouse. Not typical for the type of things I enjoy writing about. However this mouse is my first high-end gaming mouse and I wanted to share my first impressions; I'd heard about it on Twitch from the player Adren. Adren is a hardcore/professional CSGO player. From experience, CSGO is probably the most precise FPS game to date. That being said, a game of this speed demands a very high level of accuracy. That is what turned me on to purchase a performance “Esports” mouse. And I landed on the FinalMouse. Everything about this mouse simply feels right. I can't exactly articulate my reasoning from a position of experience with other mice, however my direct and immediate experience using the FinalMouse was near profound. I had been using nothing special before, trust me. And now I feel that I am using nothing short of spectacular. From web browsing, to photoshop, to gaming, each physical movement is clearly translated to precision with this mouses optical sensor. Furthermore, the mouse feels light, comfortable but solid and sturdy in my hand. I find no issues with this mouse.

  • mavis koleada - Great product, but use the "chapstick" wand liberally first to avoid irritation.

    Easy to use and does the job. Be sure to use the "chapstick" type stuff liberally before applying the main removal product. I didn't and my face was a little red and irritated after using the product.

  • Michael Dulle - Perfect!

    A terrific adapter that makes up for something that should have been built into the monitors. The monitor still wobbles some but it doesn't seem to be any more or less wobbly then when you use the stand that comes with the monitor.

  • Nancy - This is a great story filled with humor and romance and a valuable ...

    The clock was ticking. Julia had to create a blog and generate a larger following than the other top candidate to obtain her dream job at a software company. The subject of her blog was her rude, killjoy of a neighbor whom she'd nicknamed Ebenezer. Her goal was to see what would happen if she killed him with kindness. The results ended up being life changing for both of them.