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  • Amazon Customer - I was lucky enough to be born with pretty good skin to begin with

    Wow. I really can't say enough about this product. I've never been a girly girl or had a skin care regimen before. Hell, I usually go to bed with my make up still on. I was lucky enough to be born with pretty good skin to begin with, so skincare was never a big concern of mine. However, as I'm getting older, I'm realizing more and more that the future of my complexion rests on my choices now, so I began researching for some product.

  • Iknowbut - Good show

    Just when I think I'm done with this show it draws me in again. Can't stop watching it, my husband had a 4 week recovery from surgery last year and he watched it and now he's at least in on the talks my daughter and I have about it. I love the songs that are played during the episodes too.

  • Loki Liesmith - Fun for youngsters!

    This is a great little story to read to younger kids. As a dad, I like that I come off looking good. (But how did the author know about my super-powers???)


    I am 47 years old with three kids. I have had years to put weight on and take it off. This is the ONLY product that has worked. This, coupled with the Turbo Diet book (about $6.95), which fine tunes the amount of Almased used, has helped me, my husband, my older son and my daughter to loss a combined amount of weight of over 100 lbs. within weeks. And now that the holidays are over, we will be using Almased again.

  • kellisue123 - made me ill

    i got the worst headaches from taking these. I would stop and start them again just to be sure. Maybe they will work for other people but they made me feel like i had the flu. Headache and like i was going to throw up.

  • Chris L. - Mosquitoes Be Gone!

    This was recommended to me by a University entomologist and mosquito researcher. We live in a fairly rural area and had major issues with mosquitoes in the summer to the point that we would rarely spend any time in our yard. Spraying this on our yard perimeter bushes and trees once at the end of spring/beginning of summer usually took care of the mosquitoes for the entire season (we had a couple years where we needed to spray twice over spring/summer). We have been using it annually for 4 years with no issues. It is very easy to mix and is extremely effective on most insects. Highly recommend!

  • Lori B - LOVE! I finally found a mattress that is comfortable and supportive, and I'm sleeping much better.

    We bought a latex mattress several years ago because the one in the showroom felt great. The one they delivered to our house was as hard as a rock. We complained and were told it would "break in." Well, it didn't and we spent the next 6 or so years living with a really hard mattress covered with three inches of memory foam to make it tolerable. I have nerve problems from back issues and sleeping was literally a painful experience each night. I had been searching for a new mattress as we had suffered with our mistake long enough, but couldn't make myself purchase any of the inner-spring traditional mattresses we tried. We'd been down that route and they always ended up with big body impressions and sleeping in the "trough" as my husband called it. Then we saw the video for the Purple mattress on Facebook. My husband and I decided to give it a try since it had the 100 night guarantee. We had to wait a couple of weeks for our king sized Purple mattress to arrive as they had so many orders. It comes in a big HEAVY roll. (The delivery driver actually dragged it to our front porch instead of using a dolly which caused a small hole in the cover, but Purple customer service sent us a new one in just a day so no biggie.) The Purple mattress feels different from a regular mattress when you first lay on it. You can kind of wiggle around on it and it has a bit of a bounce. To be honest, the first couple nights were terrible. My husband and I woke up several times tossing and turning to get comfortable. But we read that sometimes your body needs to adjust to being supported correctly, so we didn't give up. Night three started being better and by night five we were sleeping better than ever. Now I absolutely LOVE this mattress. I feel that it helps realign my spine each night and has been helping me with my nerve problems rather than making them worse. I like to keep an extra blanket on my feet since this mattress doesn't hold onto heat like the old one, but not a big deal. I highly recommend this mattress. Just make sure you push through the first couple nights if it doesn't feel "just right" at first.