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Personalized Cancer Treatments | Cure Forward - Cure Forward connects you with cutting-edge personalized cancer treatment based on your genomic profile. 

  • https://www.cureforward.com/trial-recruiter/ Trial Recruiter Partners | Cure Forward - We are applying market-based principles to fill clinical trials. In doing so, we can offer trial sponsors better performance at a lower cost than today’s model.
  • https://www.cureforward.com/healthcare-provider/ Healthcare Providers | Cure Forward - Cure Forward helps to educate cancer patients to become better partners with their physicians.
  • https://www.cureforward.com/faq/ Frequently Asked Questions | Cure Forward - Find answers to questions about precision medicine, molecular profiling and cancer treatment options, including clinical trials
  • https://www.cureforward.com/science/our-process/ Our Process | Cure Forward - We provide the tools to explore and access the science behind your cancer and put that science to work finding treatment options including clinical trials
  • https://www.cureforward.com/science/clinical-trials/ Clinical Trials | Cure Forward - Cure Forward uses a patient's unique genomic data to find appropriate clinical trials. Learn how to put your data to use to find treatment options.
  • https://www.cureforward.com/science/our-partners/ Our Partners | Cure Forward - We work with patient advocates, diagnostic test providers, trial recruiters and nonprofit partners to participate in scientific research and advance cures.  
  • https://www.cureforward.com/stories/gene-stories/ Gene Stories | Cure Forward - Easy to read stories explain genetic mutations and their role in cancer and targeted cancer treatments. Understand your genes and the impact on your cancer.
  • https://www.cureforward.com/stories/personal-stories/ Personal Precision Medicine Stories | Cure Forward - Read personal cancer journeys to see how others have used genetic testing to influence their treatment path.
  • https://www.cureforward.com/stories/share-your-story/ Share Your Precision Medicine Story | Cure Forward - Personal cancer journeys are inspiring. Your story can help change the story of someone else. 
  • https://www.cureforward.com/cancer-patient-guides/ Cancer Patient Guides are Ready to Help | Cure Forward - Our Patient Guides are oncologists & cancer professionals who understand the science & emotional experience of cancer. We're real people, & we're here to help.
  • https://www.cureforward.com/blog/ Always Forward Blog | Cure Forward  - Welcome to Always Forward. Thoughts and opinions on latest latest cancer news and insights.  Join the conversation.
  • https://www.cureforward.com/science/diagnostic-test-providers/ Diagnostic Test Providers | Cure Forward  - Cure forward partners directly with labs to allow patients to easily access their data.  Together we are making it easier for you to put your data to work.
  • https://www.cureforward.com/privacy-policy/ Privacy Policy | Cure Forward - Your privacy is just as important to us as it is to you. It's your personal data. With Cure Forward, you control it.
  • https://www.cureforward.com/about-us/ Meet the Cure Forward Team - Meet the team at Cure Forward.  Cure Forward empowers patients to get their data and find treatment options, including clinical trials. 

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  • xaman - very easy to use but difficult to master ,,better use presets and thats all

    im loving this product as its my only tool for music editing and recording its amazing and very useful/easy to use i love this ,heck off to all other daws who are expensive and not easy to use.

  • John Pozatron - Creepy toe socks? Muscle compression? Yes please

    The compression is legit. I can further creep people out by wearing knee-highs with my 'toe shoes' or 'weird finger water shoes'

  • Amazon Customer - ... a home health infusion nurse I rely on a good thermometer while monitoring my patients

    As a home health infusion nurse I rely on a good thermometer while monitoring my patients. I bought this one to replace my old temporal thermometer (different brand found at any drug store) that had finally wore out from use. So far this one seems to be more accurate than the other brand and is a lot easier to use. I like having the option of taking temp in ear canal also because the forehead can give a false reading if, say, patient is sitting in sunlight or just came indoors from cold weather. My only complaint is the ear probe has no protective covers to buy from the manufacturer. Until I can find some covers that fit the probe am using temporal only.

  • john - If you have back hair just buy this and be done with it.

    Though I feel this is slightly overpriced for what it is there just isn't a lot of competition out there for this so it is what it is. With that said this works beautifully. I don't really care for the blades they sent with it. I tried them and while they work I don't feel they're sharp enough compared to my favorite; Astras. I'll just stash the others aside and use my astras next time.

  • Cat V. - Life- changing!

    Amazing results if you stick with in, put in the hard work and are really committed. My husband lost 15 pounds & I lost 9 pounds in 10 days. Now we are going for another 90 days, since we have a lot more to lose. We are amazed at the way our bodies have responded with NO hunger between meals, no bloating, no heartburn, which we used to deal with every day. Where my husband used to have 2-3 servings at dinner, he has 1 normal sized portion & is satisfied. The food is delicious & I've learned how to cook without dairy, sugar, wheat, gluten and unhealthy fats. I get up early with no sluggishness, look forward to my morning smoothie and am satisfied until lunch. It's a lot of work but so worth it. We're excited to see the results after these next 90 days. Thanks to this plan, we have overcome our food addiction!

  • SoCal Longhorn - A must read every year!

    Always the best, well written, most comprehensive preseason guide to the upcoming Texas Longhorn Football season. A must read every year! Additonally, this year they've added a recruiting update to the publication adding additional value to an already great product.