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  • Valdez - Taste

    This doesn't taste bad like everyone claims. For those of you not adding this to water you all should put the oil into capsules and not straight in your mouth. When you add this to water it's very good, even in carbonated water. A couple of drops will do ya, but if you're out for a punch I suggest the capsules. I haven't used this product enough to comment on loosing any weight so perhaps I'll update after some more use.

  • Amazon Customer - Phones been great after 3 months and 3 countries

    Phones been great after 3 months and 3 countries. Battery life is incredible as I work and travel at the same time and I still can't get it to die in one day (I'm not a heavy video consumer on my phone.) I've taken thousands of photos and they are all of incredible quality. Faster charger is the best and will fully charged in roughly 90 minutes.

  • office lady - This is not P C

    I upgraded my PC to a new Mac and needed Quickbooks. I have used Quickbooks for PC since 1998 and love the product. QB for Mac is a joke! So much so, I took my Mac back and got a new PC. The Mac product seems to be about 6 years behind the PC product. In fact, when prompted by the PC product to covert to the Mac product, it asks if you are sure you want to do so, because the PC product is superior, SERIOUSLY! Also, payroll for the Mac product is third party. You have to enter time in QB, then sign in to their payroll service and enter time again. It is not a quality product

  • Laurie Brooks - Have used for years

    Get every year. Interesting, informative. If you are an Earth based religion person then this is, IMO, perfect.